Definition of disempower in English:



  • Make (a person or group) less powerful or confident.

    ‘the experience of hospital invariably disempowers women’
    • ‘When you continue to hear stories about how disempowered ordinary women are, particularly in our villages, you have to ask whether anything is changing.’
    • ‘Can you comment on the way those acts disempower citizens and restrict rights many consider basic to democracy?’
    • ‘The power of the ‘obesogenic environment’ is apparently such that it disempowers us from making choices over what we eat, duping us all the time into thinking that we are making choices when in fact we are just riding the junk-food wave.’
    • ‘She supposed he was disempowered by having been in prison and at the mercy of the middle class.’
    • ‘I do not accept the assertion that we are disempowering parents.’
    • ‘The separation of arts and politics can sometimes be a false one used to disempower people and limit their consciousness.’
    • ‘She resented people defending her ‘rights’ since she thought this was an excuse to destroy her profession and disempower her colleagues.’
    • ‘Women are disempowered with modern technological birth.’
    • ‘Eyes were removed from Egyptian statues to disempower the person they represented.’
    • ‘The local reaction has disempowered many young people and denied them access to self-support and to the support of others who share their concerns.’
    • ‘The current geography national curriculum, it argues, is ‘adult-centred’, which marginalises and disempowers children.’
    • ‘Secondly, the content of the article attempts to disempower women, in particular mothers, by denying that mothers have control over their bodies as well as by denying the assistance provided by midwives and other women attending births.’
    • ‘As part of her analysis, she describes birth practices of indigenous cultures to demonstrate the degree to which medicalized birth disempowers women.’
    • ‘That's why confronting and disempowering him is both difficult and vitally necessary.’
    • ‘They have even gone as far as to suggest that state government is disempowering children by taking away their opportunity to buy junk food in school.’
    • ‘It is highly gratifying that the majority of the poor and disempowered Indian people have asserted themselves in this dramatic fashion.’
    • ‘Diplomacy, which should be the art of avoiding conflict, was already disempowered.’
    • ‘Then we can learn to exercise citizenship, break through the deference to authority which has silenced and disempowered us, and effect change.’
    • ‘We showed resistance at attempts to disempower us.’
    • ‘Rites of degradation involve dismissing or disempowering people.’