Definition of disembowel in English:



[with object]
  • Cut open and remove the internal organs of.

    ‘the dinosaur used its claw to disembowel prey’
    • ‘Some were mounted, some were disembowelled and some were fresh.’
    • ‘At the end of its short stout legs are massive claws, sharp enough to disembowel the largest of predators.’
    • ‘And on his web site is a link to a picture of him actually field-dressing a deer, disemboweling the deer.’
    • ‘In battle, he is a clinical fighter who bisects and decapitates his opponents, lops off their limbs and disembowels them with surgical precision.’
    • ‘In some far flung corners of the globe the ritual involves disembowelling frogs, or trekking through the desert wearing the skin of a kangaroo killed by your father, or perhaps drinking a hallucinogenic mixture of mushrooms and spit.’
    • ‘After failing to launch a military coup in 1970, he committed hara-kiri, ritually disembowelling himself.’
    • ‘The claw base-to-tip angle maximized the transmission of forces from the leg to the tip of the claw, providing for a powerful slash that may have been able to disembowel prey swiftly.’
    • ‘Like some prehistoric hunter, you imagine yourself triumphantly standing in the midst of your now disemboweled prey.’
    • ‘She caught the creatures in a trap, skinned and disembowelled them and suspended them by their tails in a ‘strong sugar syrup in a cast-iron saucepan over a slow heat‘.’
    • ‘Foxes may need controlling but surely there are better ways to deal with it than chasing them through the countryside until they collapse with fatigue only to be disembowelled by the closely following pack of dogs.’
    • ‘A bloodsports fanatic, who was never happier than when stalking or disembowelling a deer, he also exalted them like no other Victorian artist.’
    eviscerate, gut, draw, remove the innards from
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