Definition of disembogue in English:



[NO OBJECT]literary
  • (of a river or stream) emerge or be discharged in quantity; pour out.

    ‘the disemboguing of the brook’
    • ‘The Peyan river disembogues into the lake, and the Lachua, Tzetoc and Del Altar rivers drain it.’
    • ‘This place is about three leagues from the mouth of Lake Sandusky, where it disembogues itself into Lake Erie.’
    • ‘The main river of the watershed is the Umbuzeiro River which disembogues into the Bengue Reservoir.’
    • ‘Before the construction of the lake in the mid-1960s, the creek ran ten miles and disembogued into the Angelina River two miles southwest of Naclina.’
    • ‘Even those fish which swim in the Jordan, as it disembogues itself into this sea, perish the moment they touch it.’


Late 16th century: from Spanish desembocar, from des- (expressing reversal) + embocar run into a creek or strait (based on boca mouth).