Definition of discussion in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action or process of talking about something in order to reach a decision or to exchange ideas.

    ‘the committee acts as a forum for discussion’
    ‘the EC directive is currently under discussion’
    • ‘A spokesman for Buckingham Palace said last night that the matter was still under discussion.’
    • ‘It is young, active, full of confidence and very open to discussion and ideas.’
    • ‘The owners were torn about the decision and regular staff meetings always produced discussion.’
    • ‘The drama will depict issues under discussion and will star some of the country's leading actors.’
    • ‘There is a general board where you can enter your own ideas for future discussion.’
    • ‘One of the issues currently under discussion is whether individuals should be named.’
    • ‘Consultation is a two-way process, allowing discussion and amendments to take place.’
    • ‘That is precisely one of the many proposals that are under discussion at the moment.’
    • ‘With regard to accessibility, much depends on the particular tribunal under discussion.’
    • ‘Even as these protests reached Berlin, a fifth solution was under discussion there.’
    • ‘This could indeed be a problem, but this is not the situation now under discussion.’
    • ‘The proposal is still under discussion and is yet to be placed before the board.’
    • ‘He said the idea of a single site school had been under discussion for four to five years.’
    • ‘As an aside, does a film adaptation of a cult or popular novel fall into the same area as is under discussion here?’
    • ‘I am attracted by the second view under discussion, especially its second variant.’
    • ‘The agency said it could not confirm the figures, as they were still under discussion.’
    • ‘Newspapers claim that the share structure in the project may be under discussion.’
    • ‘Theatre does matter: it is a forum for ideas and discussion within a community.’
    • ‘We are the only ones to whom he can turn for discussion of his ideas and problems.’
    • ‘The agreement itself was nothing new and had been under discussion for two years.’
    meeting, conference, question and answer session, examination, evaluation, interrogation
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    1. 1.1count noun A conversation or debate about a specific topic.
      ‘discussions about environmental improvement’
      • ‘Others were in constant discussions and debates in the campsites or in the refreshment areas.’
      • ‘He and I have had some great discussions over time even when we don't agree or see eye to eye on a subject.’
      • ‘Inevitably in dealing with such large topics some of the discussions are far too abbreviated.’
      • ‘It is hard to prevent a discussion of form and materials from spilling over into a discussion of content.’
      • ‘So discussions about my problems are really about the conflicts of the entire human race.’
      • ‘Stephen is also unafraid to give his views on the industry and the recent discussions about this topic area.’
      • ‘That very topic had been the subject of a discussion I had earlier in the day with a friend.’
      • ‘After a political discussion about the campaign we discuss how to intervene that week.’
      • ‘This is a fascinating discussion, and a topic about which I obviously need to learn a lot more.’
      • ‘She would always be the first one to raise a class discussion about any topic, in any class.’
      • ‘Yet such a discussion is not even on the fringes of political debate on the left or anywhere else.’
      • ‘An earlier discussion had led to an argument and neither wanted to concede they were wrong.’
      • ‘I like listening to their discussions and seeing how they interact with each other.’
      • ‘There is nothing to stop us, at the end of this round of negotiations, starting a discussion like that.’
      • ‘All are welcome to discuss their work, join in the discussions or just sit and listen.’
      • ‘The rally kicked off a week of lively, exciting political debates and discussions.’
      • ‘It has had articles written about it, and generated much heat in discussions and debate.’
      • ‘However, so far talks are at an early stage and there are still many discussions to take place.’
      • ‘He takes little part in a class discussion but will discuss a point on a one to one basis.’
      • ‘Do you think that more discussions should be held before implementing the project?’
      conversation, talk, dialogue, discourse, conference, debate, exchange of views, consultation, deliberation
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    2. 1.2count noun A detailed treatment of a topic in speech or writing.
      ‘see Appendix One, for a more detailed discussion’
      • ‘Many sections summarise arguments and discussions which Greene first aired on these pages.’
      • ‘However, in terms of the quality of speech, what counts as newsworthy is an important discussion.’
      • ‘The provisions cover a wide range, and it is beyond the scope of this work to provide a detailed discussion of them all.’
      • ‘The most illuminating part of the seminar was the discussion that followed the speech.’
      • ‘The validity of this assumption will be assessed in detail in the discussion section.’
      • ‘Included in this work on accelerating convergence is a discussion of De Moivre's methods.’
      • ‘Although a detailed discussion of this topic is beyond the scope of this paper, a few salient facts may be noted.’
      • ‘A detailed discussion of monism and dualism is outwith the scope of this text.’
      • ‘A number of themes and issues have emerged in the course of the discussions of individual studies.’
      • ‘A detailed discussion of all doctrines applying to loans is outside the scope of this work.’
      • ‘These are quite straightforward and provide a good discussion of the topics.’
      • ‘The ideas and discussions here and elsewhere need to be examined to see how they would work.’
      • ‘In Chomsky's interview, as in so many progressive analyses, the discussion ends there.’
      • ‘But most of our discussions centre on peer review of the doctor and her clinical ability.’
      • ‘A jury was sworn in for a re-trial but discharged following detailed legal discussions.’
      • ‘After second reading, most bills are sent to a standing committee for detailed discussion.’
      examination, exploration, analysis, study, review, scrutiny
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Middle English (denoting judicial examination): via Old French from late Latin discussio(n-), from discutere ‘investigate’ (see discuss).