Definition of discursion in English:



  • 1A turn of thought; an act of moving away from the subject under discussion; a digression.

  • 2The action of (rapidly) moving to and fro, or from place to place; an instance of this. Now rare.

  • 3The process or faculty of moving from one concept to another in a coherent manner; reasoned argument or thought. Also more fully "discursion of the mind (also judgement,etc.)".


Mid 16th century; earliest use found in Thomas Paynell (d. ?1564), translator. From post-classical Latin discursion-, discursio (in figurative use) path (Vetus Latina), action of running to and fro, wandering course of celestial objects, reasoning, discussion, deduction from classical Latin discurs-, past participial stem of discurrere + -iō.