Definition of discounter in English:



  • A large business that sells goods or services at less than the usual price.

    ‘the company has been hit by fierce competition from discounters at the lower end of the market’
    ‘the German discounter has 600 stores in the UK’
    • ‘Big box stores, online discounters and catalog specialists have pushed out nearly all of the stand-alone hi-fi shops.’
    • ‘The Minneapolis-based discounter said it will open at 8 p.m. on the holiday, which falls on Nov. 28.’
    • ‘The business later disintegrated because of sharp competition from record discounters.’
    • ‘While it will be tempting to compete on price, trying to beat these global discounters at their own game is fraught with danger.’
    • ‘'We expect food discounters to continue to do well and build on their recent stellar performance."’
    • ‘'The biggest challenge that we face is that there has been a fundamental change in how consumers view discounters.'’
    • ‘The discounter had struggled during the U.S. economic downturn as its core low-income customers were hard hit by joblessness and other challenges in the weak economy.’
    • ‘Those purchasing the tablet online from the discounter will have to resign themselves to missing Christmas this year as the earliest delivery date is December 27th.’
    • ‘In nearly all western markets, grocery discounters have captured market share away from traditional supermarket retailers.’
    • ‘'The threat of the discounters is very real for the middle ground of the market.'’