Definition of discontinuously in English:



  • See discontinuous

    • ‘We don't say there's a missing link in a cliff, because the height changes discontinuously along the ground, that's just how landscape works.’
    • ‘Very general considerations imply that such optimal flux distributions sometimes change discontinuously as the composition of the growth medium is varied.’
    • ‘Words like ‘tall’ and ‘short’ tempt us to force the world into qualitative classes, but this doesn't mean that the world really is discontinuously distributed.’
    • ‘Its findings suggest, however, that without major acquisitions, the likelihood of moving instantaneously and discontinuously from one period's opportunity frontier to that of another is low.’
    • ‘Clearly this coarse-grained level of model cannot pick up specific and discontinuously large shifts of the transition state, which in small proteins will often dominate particular cases.’