Definition of disconnection in English:


(British disconnexion)


mass noun
  • 1The state of being isolated or detached.

    ‘I felt a sense of disconnection from the city environment’
    in singular ‘an ever-deepening disconnection between people and the natural world’
    • ‘I think I feel the disconnection from family more during this time of season than I do anytime else.’
    • ‘Electoral apathy is of great concern and seems to reflect the disconnection and disenchantment that many doctors feel.’
    • ‘Postmodernism could be regarded as diminishing the collective voice and experience of women, therefore encouraging disconnection.’
    • ‘The city is shown in silence as if to underscore the emotional disconnection of the modern city where people live in close proximity but nobody cares.’
    • ‘But the boys talk and act in ways that betray disconnection and emptiness.’
    • ‘Rigid and impermeable boundaries maintain and protect our disconnection from others.’
    • ‘Worse still, the parliamentary party suffers from total disconnection from its party membership.’
    • ‘That indicates the complete disconnection of this Government from the real problems facing our country.’
    • ‘In cultures of overabundance and greed people experience disconnection between their wants and needs.’
    • ‘As a consequence, people report a disconnection with the very community that once defined all aspects of their lives.’
    1. 1.1 The act of detaching one thing from another.
      ‘disconnection from the internet’
      ‘the player takes 15 seconds to reboot after disconnection from the PC’
      • ‘Choosing the right internet connection provider can mean the difference between speedy and consistent connections and irritating disconnections.’
      • ‘Using a dial-up modem automatically triggers the service disconnection message.’
      • ‘Investigators examining the scaffolding collapse have focused on whether it was human or mechanical error that resulted in the disconnection of a metal tie that secured the platform to the building.’
      • ‘Cheaper prices may give you a cheaper connection with more disconnections and disruptions.’
      • ‘At least one connector system incorporates an anti-tamper lock, preventing unintended disconnection.’
      • ‘Connection and disconnection of test equipment and ground support equipment are performed in a single action.’
      • ‘This type is appropriate for printed circuit boards and impulse disconnection in control applications.’
      • ‘Don't base your choice solely on price or you may experience more internet disruptions and disconnections than smooth service.’
      • ‘The intent of this requirement is to enable quick disconnection of the power in the event of an emergency.’
      • ‘The inspector should also check chimneys and flues for blockages, corrosion, disconnections, and loose connections.’
    2. 1.2 Termination of the connection of a household to water, electricity, gas, or telephone.
      ‘protests over the disconnection of the water supply’
      ‘threats of disconnection will follow unless the debt is settled’
      • ‘The real risk is that people will find themselves facing disconnection, and that's the ultimate problem in utilities.’
      • ‘By January this year, 5,291 water disconnections had been carried out.’
      • ‘A single mother with a severely handicapped daughter only averted disconnection by promising to hand over a $550 cheque on May 1.’
      • ‘This includes the disconnection of some of the state's poorest households.’
      • ‘The representative defended the disconnections, claiming that the company had simply cut off recalcitrant debtors.’
      • ‘He was killed by security guards on June 24, after residents attempted to stop an electricity disconnection.’
      • ‘Debt levels are even rising in gas and electricity where disconnection is still allowed!’
      • ‘The former Governor discontinued a programme that helped welfare recipients pay their utility bills and prevented disconnection during winter.’
      • ‘Electricity boards have no commitment to supply quality power without interruption, but users face disconnection if charges are not remitted periodically.’
      • ‘He was unable to provide a full list of the debtors facing disconnection tomorrow.’