Definition of disconformity in English:



  • 1mass noun Lack of conformity.

    • ‘There seems to be some disconformity between them about, if you like, what incidents in the course of trial are seen as relevantly significant.’
    • ‘There is no disconformity with the public ruling and the way in which the tax law applies.’
    • ‘However, disconformity of practice with constitutional requirements is no inhibition against truly expounding the text and implications of the Constitution.’
    • ‘Resentment of an affront is sin; it is anomia, disconformity to the law of love.’
    • ‘So, assuming the decision is right, or accepting the fact that the decision stands, where is the disconformity with the ruling?’
    • ‘The passages from the specification set out above do not demonstrate any disconformity.’
    • ‘But even if it is construing ambiguous legislation, one takes into account that we are not going to be in disconformity with our international obligations unless it is clear.’
    • ‘There is some disconformity between the legal obligation and what is said to be the promissory obligation undertaken.’
    • ‘I surmise that there is some concern at high levels of business and government upon the disconformity between our collective bargaining laws and the laws of comparable nations whose bargaining laws adhere to widely accepted standards of international labour law.’
    • ‘I am not trying to run away from your Honours, but the point ultimately is a very simple one because one realises there is no great disconformity about the approach of what a liquidator can and cannot do.’
  • 2Geology
    A break in a sedimentary sequence which does not involve a difference of inclination between the strata on each side of the break.

    Compare with unconformity
    • ‘In the interior basin, the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary marks a disconformity.’
    • ‘More specific questions might relate to taphonomic conditions, identification and temporal assessment of disconformities, or the nature of specific anthropogenic sediments.’
    • ‘Unconformities vary in type from disconformities related to subaerial exposure to stratigraphic gaps of variable extent and their correlative paraconformities, followed by deepening surfaces.’
    • ‘In many cases, the disconformity is identified only with difficulty in the seismic reflection data, and may be distinguishable only on regional or semi-regional scales.’
    • ‘Nodules rich in phosphatic material are found in residual accumulations along disconformities, such as bone beds or lag deposits in marine limestones and shales.’