Definition of disconcerting in English:



  • Causing one to feel unsettled.

    ‘he had a disconcerting habit of offering jobs to people he met at dinner parties’
    • ‘Don't you find it disconcerting when you have someone literally five centimetres from your face, peering into your eyes with a torch?’
    • ‘With a disconcerting habit of coming on stage dressed in a red Lycra superhero costume, he seems to set the tone for the rest of the night.’
    • ‘Her paintings are all from an aerial viewpoint - as a viewer you look down on a washed, subtly disconcerting landscape.’
    • ‘It's very disconcerting - a kind of fizzing ache that starts around mid-thigh and gets worse going down towards my feet.’
    • ‘I do feel qualified to offer a personal view of some disconcerting aspects of how politicians and big business conspire to run the show.’
    • ‘What was disconcerting was how various its subspecies were.’
    • ‘He has a disconcerting habit of talking very seriously and then suddenly withdrawing.’
    • ‘Hair growing where it never grew before is a disconcerting experience.’
    • ‘People say that he doesn't smile much, but he has a throaty chuckle and the disconcerting habit of laughing when he is cross.’
    • ‘It is a disconcerting thought, given how much is at stake.’
    • ‘To someone who has always been completely in control, or tried to be, this was, and still is, very disconcerting.’
    • ‘That might have been crass, but the film is peppered with jarring references and disconcerting parallels to current events.’
    • ‘There are a number of disconcerting issues apparent in this undertaking.’
    • ‘More disconcerting are the targets for reducing undiagnosed HIV.’
    • ‘The division between the first and the second half is marked by a disconcerting jolt in the flow of the film, and the ambiguous ending may infuriate.’
    • ‘Molly, a servant, had the disconcerting habit of periodically dropping on her knees for a quick prayer.’
    • ‘Although inaccurate it proved very disconcerting to the whole community.’
    • ‘But he tends to leave an impression of intellectual dishonesty, a disconcerting lack of sincerity.’
    • ‘And undoubtedly, their mysterious, indefinable quality is the source of their disconcerting power.’
    • ‘Equally disconcerting is the increase in unrelated transplants in the last two years and the pressure it has put on women.’
    unsettling, unnerving, discomfiting, disturbing, perturbing, troubling, upsetting, worrying, concerning, alarming, embarrassing, awkward, bothersome, distracting
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