Definition of discoloration in English:


(also discolouration)


  • The process of changing to a different, less attractive colour:

    ‘a bluish discoloration of the skin’
    • ‘Dark spots and discolorations that have not penetrated the finish may be removed with a rotten-stone and oil paste.’
    • ‘For instance, you may experience dryness or even mild discolouration in patches.’
    • ‘She warned that sunbeds cause premature ageing of the skin resulting in loss of elasticity, sagging, wrinkling, freckling, yellowish discolouration and brown patches.’
    • ‘Find a spot - a mark or discoloration - on the target line, then take dead aim at the spot.’
    • ‘Even in the best circumstances there is a good chance that there could be unseen spots or discolorations on the fabric that would make it dye with uneven spots.’
    stain, mark, patch, soiling, streak, spot, blotch, tarnishing
    blemish, flaw, defect, disfigurement, bruise, contusion
    liver spot, age spot
    splodge, splotch
    ecchymosis, naevus
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