Definition of disclaim in English:



  • 1 Refuse to acknowledge; deny.

    ‘the school disclaimed any responsibility for his death’
    • ‘The audit's findings prompted the government to disclaim any responsibility to reimburse the credits and threatened to withdraw the bonds it had issued to the central bank.’
    • ‘It is highly abnormal to challenge the testimony of someone who disclaims responsibility for producing a great work, whether literary, scientific or other.’
    • ‘He says that he has numerous scientific studies disclaiming any link between sugar and obesity.’
    • ‘We cannot, in conscience, ignore these facts or disclaim responsibility.’
    • ‘While admitting the failure, the utility disclaimed responsibility and is now threatened with lawsuits and an investigation by the public utility commission.’
    • ‘The humility in her woeful eyes almost disclaims the homespun excellence of her clothes.’
    • ‘Nor can they disclaim all responsibility for the operations of subcontractors they may employ at their plants.’
    • ‘Others disclaim any responsibility for their use in furtherance of copyright infringement.’
    • ‘They of course disclaim responsibility for the deaths.’
    • ‘He was blamed for a change in directors and a runaway budget though he disclaimed responsibility for either.’
    • ‘In theory, banks involved in the issue could be caught by these provisions, although in practice we have seen that they disclaim any responsibility.’
    • ‘He went to the doctor who disclaimed all interest, saying it is a problem for a dentist.’
    • ‘The disclaimers added to the end of e-mail are not legally binding, but it's always good practice to try to disclaim liability‘.’
    • ‘Those who write such papers and those who publish them cannot disclaim ethical responsibility for how the data are interpreted and must consider more carefully their ethical responsibilities in such situations.’
    • ‘I disclaim any responsibilities for any harm resulting from using this site.’
    • ‘Yet they disclaim responsibility for fatalities when they do request intervention, arguing that they are required to do so by domestic law.’
    • ‘The Health and Safety Executive has disclaimed any responsibility for enforcement of this legislation.’
    • ‘We can't claim power or authority, and then disclaim responsibility if we neglect or misuse them.’
    • ‘On one level, these arguments might be regarded as an attempt to disclaim responsibility, at least for the kinds of issue which are raised, if not for the way in which they are dealt with.’
    • ‘And while disclaiming responsibility and blaming others, many suffer unnecessarily because of wrong priorities, wrong choices, squandered opportunities.’
    deny, refuse to accept, refuse to acknowledge, reject, wash one's hands of
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    1. 1.1Law
      Renounce a legal claim to (a property or title)
      ‘the earl disclaimed his title’
      • ‘In other words, a joint tenant cannot disclaim his joint tenancy.’
      • ‘The most common examples are the rights of trustees in bankruptcy and liquidators of companies to disclaim certain property under the provisions of the Insolvency Act 1986.’
      • ‘Thereby he disclaimed the bequest in Clause 6 of the Will and all estate and interest in the scrap metal and restaurant businesses.’
      • ‘The original beneficiary cannot choose where disclaimed property will go, so a contingent beneficiary must be in place to receive the benefits.’
      • ‘In the Peerage Act peers were given the option of disclaiming their titles within one year.’


Late Middle English (in legal contexts): from Anglo-Norman French desclamer, from des- (expressing reversal) + clamer to claim (see claim).