Definition of discharger in English:



  • 1A person or thing that discharges something.

    • ‘Dharma also sells a color discharger for removing dye from fabric.’
    • ‘EPA believes that many water quality and ecosystem problems are best solved at the watershed level rather than at the individual water body or discharger level.’
    • ‘You can try Rit color discharger or a similar product that is available at’
    • ‘First comes the pumping station, with its booms, waterworks, ' automatic air dischargers ' and reservoir.’
    • ‘Ash from the burning process is transferred by an ash discharger and residue handling system to the ash pit.’
    • ‘We were able to "reconstruct" the discharger virtually, just in time to make the deadline for the film and companion book.’
    • ‘Nitrus altered the direction of the energy dischargers, turning up the speed once again.’
    1. 1.1 A person or organization that allows industrial waste or other harmful substances to be released into the environment.
      • ‘Water quality standards, therefore, focus on the overall water quality of a particular water body, unlike effluent limitations, which focus on particular kinds of dischargers and the pollutants they discharge.’
      • ‘As a favor to utility and coal industries, the country's largest mercury dischargers, the organisation sat for nine months on a report exposing the catastrophic impact on children's health of mercury, finally releasing it in February 2003.’
      • ‘He has been in a number of programs, including the conduct of monitoring surveys, setting standards for industrial dischargers, standards for drinking water, and protection/enhancement of ocean and coastal waters.’
      • ‘But he maintains, ‘under the program, this water would still be defined as pollution,’ requiring dischargers to acquire permits.’
      • ‘A discharger may change its pollution prevention plan if the discharger determines that the measure will have a negative impact on product quality, the safe operation of the facility, or the environmental aspects of the facilities operation.’
    2. 1.2 A device that releases nerve gas or other substances for military purposes.
      • ‘Suddenly an armored van rolled up and troops ran out with automatic weapons and gas dischargers.’
      • ‘Electrically operated smoke grenade dischargers are mounted either side of the turret in the forward firing position.’
      • ‘By performing some tasks, the player can set some objects into action; either gates of a hangar will open, or radars will start working or a discharger will fire a rocket.’
      • ‘There are six smoke grenade dischargers, three fitted either side of the main gun.’
      • ‘Three smoke grenade dischargers are mounted on each side of the turret.’
    3. 1.3 An apparatus for releasing or neutralizing an electric charge.
      • ‘Commonly available R/C car battery dischargers work on single packs of between 4 and 10 cells.’
      • ‘Battery dischargers are available that tell you what capacity is taken from the pack.’
      • ‘This is combined with a built in discharger to give a very nice charging system.’
      • ‘To enable the control module to function as a battery discharger, a number of additional hardware components are required.’
      • ‘Of course you can buy specialist battery dischargers, and not too expensively. Even discharge/recharge combinations are sold.’