Definition of discerning in English:



  • Having or showing good judgement:

    ‘the brasserie attracts discerning customers’
    • ‘For the past 18 years, the company has established itself as the eminent choice of discerning customers in the moulding industry.’
    • ‘I think the reception that the performance received from what must be described as a discerning audience, would support my judgement of the evening's music.’
    • ‘When any group reappears after a long period away the discerning listener is wise to approach the results with caution.’
    • ‘Physicians are by inclination and training discerning men, wise in human relations and keen in judgement.’
    • ‘So when notoriously purist and discerning jazz critics single out a rising star to heap hyperbolic praise upon, gig after gig, it really is time to sit up and take notice.’
    • ‘Today's diamond buyer, it seems, is a more discerning and brand-conscious customer, no longer satisfied with just any old generic rock.’
    • ‘Some might condemn my reaction as politically motivated rather than a discerning literary judgement.’
    • ‘Over the past decade shoppers have become much more discerning and aware of the products they buy.’
    • ‘However, since then an increasingly competitive market and more discerning customers have forced the company to innovate in order to maintain and strengthen its market share.’
    • ‘Edicts delivered from on high do not go down well with today's discerning and sophisticated public.’
    • ‘Customers are more discerning than they were in the past.’
    • ‘‘We have a very good customer base now, but it's also a very discerning customer base,’ he says.’
    • ‘From her vast experience both as an actor and a producer Anne is acutely aware that discerning audiences expect a top class show.’
    • ‘Free of the constraints of the nine-to-five job, without young families to tie them down and with their mortgages paid off, they are an increasingly discerning and sophisticated group.’
    • ‘Of course to say that such schemes don't also attract the smart, intelligent, well-educated and discerning net users would be untrue.’
    • ‘The independent film holds the hopes of the discerning critic, weary of mainstream bombast, in its hands.’
    • ‘This would have helped the discerning clinician in selecting a specific method rather than relying exclusively on the eclectic methods of treatment suggested for each case by the authors.’
    • ‘More importantly, it will also provide a platform to revive age-old weaves with a contemporary and fashionable look for the discerning Indian customer.’
    • ‘If a cook does not get a discerning customer, all his efforts and culinary skills would be wasted.’
    • ‘‘A new range of casual cane chairs has arrived for the discerning customer,’ says Miriam.’
    discriminating, selective, judicious, tasteful, refined, cultivated, cultured, sophisticated, enlightened, sensitive, subtle, critical
    perceptive, insightful, percipient, perspicacious, penetrating
    astute, shrewd, ingenious, clever, intelligent, sharp, wise, erudite, aware, knowing, sagacious
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