Definition of disbursement in English:



mass noun
  • 1The payment of money from a fund.

    ‘they established a committee to supervise the disbursement of aid’
    • ‘There are absolutely no conditions for disbursement of these funds to the government.’
    • ‘Billions of dollars have already been pledged by aid agencies and donor nations, but the disbursement of aid money is being delayed due to the lack of internal security.’
    • ‘The research council would create groups that would set research standards to avoid duplication, review grant applications, and make recommendations for disbursement of the funds.’
    • ‘It is an in-depth review of the church's financial record keeping and reporting systems to track income and disbursement of funds.’
    • ‘The disbursement of funds from this account would be reconciled on a quarterly basis.’
    • ‘Maybe if he were personally supervising each disbursement, Western taxpayers could count on getting positive results for their money.’
    • ‘These two items are part of the list of reasons for freezing disbursement of funds as of March.’
    • ‘The Department of the Environment has been considering a scheme for disbursement of waste management funds made available in the budget.’
    • ‘‘However he stressed that major disbursement of this aid depended on progress of the peace process,’ the diplomat said.’
    • ‘Whatever the Chancellor's real objectives here, his critique calls into fundamental question the logic of having a centralised regional fund assessment and disbursement system at all.’
    • ‘The estimates you provide for the Chancellor's disbursement of the funds levied by taxation, whilst colourful, are, in fairness, a little off the mark.’
    • ‘Needless to mention the company established its market leadership both in sourcing funds and in disbursement of loans.’
    • ‘This resulted in the slow disbursement of funds to the small scale farmers and businesses with only 300 households benefiting in the first year.’
    • ‘To date, the only steady disbursement of these funds are the sitting allowances for the administrators of the fund.’
    • ‘Offering teams should propose a payable event schedule for disbursement of these funds based on their integrated set of milestones, accomplishment criteria and deliverables.’
    • ‘To sum up on aid disbursement, we would like to deliver big and fast, but differences in performances can be traced to specific characteristics or problems in one sector or one country.’
    • ‘‘They showed disappointment, frustration and impatience, and put forward stringent conditions for the disbursement of the funds pledged,’ he said.’
    • ‘Each party hopes that when it is in majority in both council and parliament there will be less problems of priority and disbursement of funds.’
    • ‘The money is ready for disbursement to all the chiefs in our province.’
    • ‘Donor agencies reinforce the problem of longer term redevelopment by putting a premium on rapid disbursement of emergency funds.’
    payment, disbursal, paying out, laying out, spending, expending, expenditure, disposal, outlay, doling out, handing out, parting with, donation, giving
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    1. 1.1count noun A payment, especially one made by a solicitor to a third party and then claimed back from the client.
      ‘the bill includes unpaid professional disbursements’
      • ‘Solicitors can only pay disbursements as agent for a client if they are authorised to do so by the client.’
      • ‘I find the Defendant's claim for disbursements in its Bill of Costs to be reasonable.’
      • ‘To provide peace of mind against the possibility of having to pay his opponent's costs, a client can take out insurance to pay the opponent's costs, and the disbursements the client has paid his lawyer.’
      • ‘In this event interest will accrue on the said legal costs and disbursements until payment is made.’
      • ‘What is not offered is settlement of the Claimants claim for costs and disbursements of the claim.’
      expenses, outgoings, disbursements, overheads, running costs, operating costs, fixed costs
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