Definition of disburse in English:



  • Pay out (money from a fund)

    ‘$67 million of the pledged aid had already been disbursed’
    • ‘The funds are disbursed through banks to the schools' accounts.’
    • ‘He and other suspects in the same case had claimed the funds were disbursed to provide food aid packages for the needy.’
    • ‘If you have an interest in preserving fiction - you might, for example, give loud and serious thought to how your local Arts Council disburses its funds.’
    • ‘The sub-district office disburses funds, which came from the taxation of stores and companies located in that district, to the committees.’
    • ‘However, the panel of judges said that he was not responsible for the violation because the funds were disbursed by the bank's board of directors.’
    • ‘Many a time mutual trust and goodwill have been lost due to dishonesty among some agents, organisations, individuals or even politicians entrusted with responsibilities to disburse such funds.’
    • ‘Not only will the treasury unit have authority to disburse funds to ministries and government institutions, but it will also be responsible for finding resources to finance the state budget.’
    • ‘These individuals are able to disburse their funds quite easily.’
    • ‘The second option is to act on behalf of a bank in processing an application and disburse the funds, both for a fee.’
    • ‘It disburses funds only after work on a project run by a new local organization is complete or as bills arrive.’
    • ‘Almost $1.5 million will have been paid out when the funds are completely disbursed.’
    • ‘The expectation of the donors was that charities receiving the funds would disburse the money to needy victims just as quickly.’
    • ‘A huge amount of additional funds were also disbursed by the government to the bank to repay depositors amid massive runs.’
    • ‘We hope that the government will disburse the money before that time,’ he said.’
    • ‘He could establish or dissolve public institutions and he had the right to disburse public funds.’
    • ‘Asked if he knew whether the funds were disbursed legally, he said he did not know, but asserted that the disbursement of the funds could be accounted for.’
    • ‘The federal government said it was studying whether to disburse relief funds to the state.’
    • ‘Six months after its launch the fund has no administrative structures and has disbursed no money.’
    • ‘The Governor has confirmed that the fund was disbursed without his approval as the chief commissioner of the company.’
    • ‘However, it is still unclear when the administration intended to disburse the funds to the victims and who would be defined as a poor resident.’
    pay out, lay out, spend, expend, dole out, hand out, part with, donate, give
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Mid 16th century: from Old French desbourser, from des- (expressing removal) + bourse ‘purse’.