Definition of disband in English:



  • (with reference to an organized group) break up or cause to break up.

    no object ‘the unit was scheduled to disband’
    with object ‘from today the choir shall be disbanded’
    • ‘Irish writer John Banville asks why the IRA in their most recent statement announced that they would put an end to their armed campaign but not disband the organisation.’
    • ‘Now, however, sources say that Blair estimates he can use a threat of action against IRA illegal business activity to bludgeon the organisation into disbanding.’
    • ‘St. Fintan's have since disbanded due to falling numbers.’
    • ‘We're assuming that, on the verge of success, the organisation have done the only sensible thing and disbanded.’
    • ‘‘The public consultation is a mockery,’ said Mr Putwain who had brought to the meeting a final position statement of the CHC before it disbands on December 1.’
    • ‘It was disappointing to read two recent articles: ‘Summer events threatened by dearth of helpers’ and ‘Guild disbands as membership falls’.’
    • ‘The team then disbands and a new team forms to work on the next project.’
    • ‘Mr James said the performers had gone their separate ways since the circus disbanded on Sunday.’
    • ‘If the IRA disbands, it will have been established that the IRA was not merely an illegal organisation but an unambiguously terrorist organisation.’
    • ‘We heard scattered news that the army was disbanding.’
    • ‘He praised Endriartono for making such a forceful call for all paramilitary organizations to disband.’
    • ‘The IRA's war has ended and the organisation shall not disband.’
    • ‘The remaining attorneys disbanded at the end of 2001, going in a number of different professional directions.’
    • ‘The 228 Incident Committee was declared an illegal organization and ordered to disband.’
    • ‘Elsewhere in the fifth century units whose pay stopped disbanded and dispersed or settled on the land.’
    • ‘Glusburn and Cross Hills gala will not go ahead this year after the committee officially disbanded at the weekend.’
    • ‘The Beta Band disbanded at the end of 2004 leaving behind a legacy of innovative and inspiring music.’
    • ‘Paramilitary organisations of all kinds should disarm and disband.’
    • ‘His singing group disbanded recently and he's mad!’
    • ‘The Clash finally disbanded in 1985, but that's not the end of the story.’
    break up, disperse, demobilize, dissolve, scatter, separate, go separate ways, part company
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Late 16th century: from obsolete French desbander.