Definition of disarrange in English:



[with object]
  • Make untidy or disordered.

    ‘had any of the statues been removed or disarranged?’
    • ‘Elastic fiber layers of the media were severely disrupted and disarranged.’
    • ‘Moreover, some chlorophyll and a few inner membranes still persisted, although these latter were disarranged, lacking essential protein components and devoid of photosynthetic function.’
    • ‘He tells himself that Violet really is an extraordinary woman, miraculously in harmony with his own philosophy of life and in no way likely to disarrange his ordered existence.’
    • ‘It didn't come down, but everything in the room was disarranged.’
    • ‘Let me just make sure though that I have what I should have, because I rather suspect that in my unique ability to disarrange things, I have succeeded in doing so.’
    • ‘She shrugs passively, disarranging her clothes slightly, but not seeming to care in the least.’
    • ‘Because of this, it is easy to disarrange the electron structure of a recording tape, CD or hard drive and thereby damage or destroy its stored information.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, an attack is not always the best means of disarranging the enemy.’
    • ‘The experiments of the later nineteenth century blur this fundamental distinction: ‘In our day prose style has become somewhat disarranged.’’
    • ‘‘Oh, that's right, you used to live like up in Maine or something - don't disarrange those,’ she ordered, pointing to the pictures.’
    • ‘In this posture, they are expected to enter the professional and intellectual classes without disarranging the furniture too much, or bringing in too much of a cool breeze relating to other aspects of the status quo.’
    • ‘Her head was in constant pain and her clothes were dirty and disarranged.’
    • ‘Both sides were closed off by large, steel mesh fences with barbed wire at the top, curling around the top support pole in a disarranged, uninviting pattern.’
    • ‘His hair was totally astray, his clothes looked somewhat disarranged, he was staggering as if he was even more drunk then he was in reality, drooling and he seemed to have something in his mouth.’
    • ‘The odd twisted tree and disarranged bush all dotted the landscape that could be seen.’
    • ‘But the ball flew just past, to the relief of the disarranged visiting defence.’
    • ‘Then he, of course, had to turn to me and disarrange my hair too.’
    • ‘This greatly disarranged their curls and bonnet-caps, with much edification of onlookers from below.’
    • ‘Now I had completely disarranged near all things in the room, landing one perfume bottle in the open toilet, and had injured myself in the process.’
    • ‘In his sleep he seemed so young and vulnerable, his dark hair disarranged around his face like an errant schoolboy's, his lips fluttering uncertainly every so often as if he was speaking to someone in his dreams.’
    disorder, bring into disorder, throw into disorder, put out of place, throw into disarray, make disorderly, disorganize, disturb, displace
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