Definition of disappear in English:



  • 1 Cease to be visible:

    ‘he disappeared into the trees’
    ‘the sun had disappeared’
    • ‘The sun was disappearing over the horizon, and Eleanor hasn't moved an inch.’
    • ‘"Nice meeting you, " waved Joey, as the beautiful girl disappeared down the hall.’
    • ‘He looked around for a moment then disappeared around the corner.’
    • ‘In utter amazement, Kirby found herself standing alone on the curb watching Jason's taillights disappear into the night.’
    • ‘Before Kayline could recover from her surprise, he had disappeared into the crowd.’
    • ‘I watch as a flash, of white past through to trees, then disappeared again into the darkness.’
    • ‘The 62-year-old watched as the ferocious feline sprinted for 30 seconds before it disappeared into woodland near a reservoir.’
    • ‘His figure was disappearing just around the corner now… almost gone.’
    • ‘She looked back once and flashed me a small but dazzling smile then disappeared into the crowd.’
    • ‘The sun framed it as it disappeared into the distance.’
    • ‘When the sun rose a little higher and grew warm, they disappeared into the forest.’
    • ‘He yawned as the last glimpses of the July sun disappeared over the horizon.’
    • ‘Sighing, Julie says a polite goodbye to Clark and disappears up the stairs.’
    • ‘The bird flapped soundlessly into the air and disappeared into the glare of the overhead sun.’
    • ‘Leon and Chris watched until he completely disappeared around the corner.’
    • ‘Al gave a hearty laugh as the two disappeared into the stables, the sun setting bright colors behind them.’
    • ‘We walked slowly along the promenade eating our ice creams and the sun was just disappearing over the horizon.’
    • ‘I stare at the back of his head until he disappears down another hallway.’
    • ‘Unable to get close its prey, it walked backwards disappearing into the darkness.’
    • ‘It was only a couple of minutes ago since the sun just about disappeared into the clouds and the clouds, in turn, turned the color of a dull gray.’
    vanish, pass from sight, cease to be visible, vanish from sight, recede from view, be lost to sight, be lost to view, fade, fade away, melt away
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    1. 1.1 Cease to exist or be in use:
      ‘the tension had completely disappeared’
      • ‘For better or worse, many of the boundaries that previously existed have disappeared.’
      • ‘One of Bradford's best known landmarks disappeared in a puff of smoke yesterday.’
      • ‘Symptoms disappeared one month after cessation of soybean ingestion.’
      • ‘The mystery of Atlantis, both whether it existed and why it disappeared, has fired the imagination of explorers for decades.’
      • ‘But as this year's Budget approaches, speculation is rife that certain exemptions and reliefs which currently exist are about to disappear.’
      • ‘Thus, after slavery ended, former slaves caught up to free blacks, and the large literacy gap that existed between them disappeared.’
      • ‘The frown disappeared from his face, leaving an expression of seriousness.’
      • ‘Other and more influential causes of disease must have existed that subsequently disappeared.’
      • ‘The money being loaned out hasn't disappeared, it still exists and by golly it is still making profits for the bankers.’
      • ‘Dialects could soon disappear altogether as accents in urban areas merge into one.’
      • ‘Each time he gets the shot the symptoms disappear within hours.’
      • ‘There is growing evidence that what central control of them existed has now disappeared and we are back to local fiefdoms doing their own sectarian things.’
      • ‘Unless males are brought in from elsewhere, these herds will soon disappear altogether.’
      • ‘The lecturer combated the view that national style in highly-developed music either did not exist or was now disappearing.’
      • ‘That reference, if it ever existed - has now disappeared from the site.’
      • ‘Even the fireplace was covered, whatever warmth having once existed there disappeared.’
      • ‘One reads with sadness reports that in Germany funeral practices are rapidly disappearing altogether.’
      • ‘In addition, the incidence of lung cancer and deaths from all causes decreased but did not disappear completely after the supplementation ceased.’
      • ‘Just as it had quickly appeared her smile had completely disappeared just as quickly.’
      • ‘Brandon said as his smile soon disappeared off his face.’
      die out, die, become extinct, cease to be, cease to exist, be no more, come to an end, end, pass away, pass into oblivion, expire, perish, wither away, peter out, fizzle out, leave no trace
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    2. 1.2 (of a thing) be mislaid:
      ‘my wallet seems to have disappeared’
      • ‘Red-faced security chiefs have now discovered that a special receipt book - the only record that the purse had ever existed - has also disappeared.’
      • ‘The Swindon Branch operates a lost and found register to assist those who are concerned about a stray or whose cat has disappeared.’
      • ‘If there's a good thing in lost property, sometimes it will disappear before anyone's had time to claim it.’
      get lost, go missing, be mislaid, be forgotten, be left behind
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    3. 1.3 (of a person) go missing or (in coded political language) be killed:
      ‘the family disappeared after being taken into custody’
      • ‘I noticed it had gotten late, and my family was no doubt worrying where I had disappeared to.’
      • ‘More than 150,000 people disappeared or were killed and 440 Indigenous villages were completely wiped out.’
      • ‘Their father had left the family after Jeff was born; he simply disappeared.’
      • ‘Events accelerate on a transatlantic flight to London as passengers suddenly disappear without a trace.’
      • ‘Thomas disappeared in September 2001 when he was 24.’
      • ‘In fact, Martin disappeared from the family home the day the old man died mysteriously on the staircase.’
      • ‘Within 12 hours, Jack has disappeared, a hitman is stalking her family and the safe world she knows has been turned upside down.’
      • ‘So, he's very much the pivotal figure in the signing and the forging of that peace deal and the fact that he has now disappeared will make it very difficult for that peace deal to survive.’
      • ‘I recovered in a nearby city and once I had fully recovered I went in search of my family to just find that you had disappeared and Sylvia lied dead on the floor.’
      • ‘In the end, he too disappears, just like his grandfather.’
      • ‘Inexplicably, Robert then disappears - there is a suggestion to break free of his drinking, but we never really know.’
      • ‘People disappeared and were killed after people had informed on them.’
      • ‘More of the story is told by Heather, Jason's girlfriend, after Jason disappears.’
      • ‘Men have been mysteriously disappearing without a single trace.’
      • ‘The Senator's family said he had disappeared just after dinner the night before.’
      • ‘He, too, thought that she had simply disappeared.’
      • ‘Answering questions from the prosecution, she painted an everyday domestic picture of how she was at her home with her children on the day that Robert disappeared.’
      • ‘He said his son had practiced survival techniques in sub-zero temperatures and dismissed any possibility that he deliberately disappeared.’
      • ‘More than 500 Aboriginal women have disappeared or been killed in the last 20 years.’


Late Middle English: from dis- (expressing reversal) + appear, on the pattern of French disparaître.