Definition of disannul in English:



[with object]
  • Declare to be invalid; cancel.

    ‘your covenant shall be disannulled’
    • ‘Pompey, to render himself popular, had disannulled the Laws of Sylla which limited the power of the people.’
    • ‘I do hereby utterly disallow, revoke and disannul all and every former will, testament, legacies, bequests and exaction by me in any way before named, willed or bequested in ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament.’
    • ‘Wilt thou also disannul my judgment?’
    • ‘Nicolas Rodriguez took the liberty of disannulling the newly elected alcalde (there is no record of the alcalde who followed Thomas Henry) and aldermen, and invited the San Patricians to join their ranks or punishment would follow.’
    • ‘It is moreover expressed by a disannulling of the commandment, the commandment of the priesthood, and of sacrifices and rites belonging to it.’
    • ‘In the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, the Lessons for 5th December include the entire chapter of Isaiah 28, in which verse 18 confirms that the "covenant with death" is disannulled.’