Definition of disagree in English:



  • 1Have or express a different opinion.

    ‘no one was willing to disagree with him’
    ‘historians often disagree’
    • ‘Len Wallace respected all opinions - even while disagreeing - and he was always honest, focused and principled.’
    • ‘She and I were too different and always disagreed but she made my son happy.’
    • ‘They arrive at different estimates; they disagree about how many peanuts there are in front of them.’
    • ‘There are always people who disagree on the issues of abortion, homosexuality and religion.’
    • ‘A spokesperson for the Department of Health said they completely disagreed with the views put forward by Mr McNamara.’
    • ‘Post-trial newspaper reports paint a picture of pathological mayhem, with medical experts disagreeing and changing their opinions.’
    • ‘I respectfully disagree with your statement that it wouldn't hurt to play these games in New Orleans this year.’
    • ‘In other words, they disagreed then and disagree now fundamentally with the characterization of the threat.’
    • ‘But don't think everybody has it in for you - some experts totally disagree.’
    • ‘I would respectfully disagree with your statement that we're becoming more like our enemy.’
    • ‘Indeed, different scientists even disagree as to what the best edition of the map is at any one time.’
    • ‘The vast majority of people who vote Liberal Democrat disagree quite violently with their policies.’
    • ‘But when relaxed, he is charming, deferring politely to opinions with which he disagrees and displaying a conscientious desire to understand.’
    • ‘For reasons which follow, I respectfully disagree with his conclusion.’
    • ‘And unfortunately, she's well aware that some readers disagree vehemently with articles I've written.’
    • ‘In fact, scientists don't disagree on these matters nearly as much as some would have you believe!’
    • ‘Historians disagree about exactly when the decline of the British empire began.’
    • ‘Advice from professionals can help, but experts often disagree.’
    • ‘In the first trial, the judge agreed and, in the second trial, a different trial judge disagreed.’
    • ‘However, 12.5 percent totally disagreed with the statement and another 8.2 disagreed with it.’
    fail to agree, be in contention, be in dispute, be at odds, be at variance, not see eye to eye, differ from, dissent from, diverge from
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    1. 1.1disagree with Disapprove of.
      ‘she disagreed with the system of apartheid’
      • ‘We owe it to them not to scorn their work, even if we disagree with the cause they fought in.’
      • ‘The truth of the matter is, Alex, if anyone disagrees with the guy's policies, they are immediately discredited.’
      • ‘It reached an absolute disaster from the French diplomatic point of view when French President Chirac attacked candidate EU states for disagreeing with French policy in what can only be called the most patronising terms.’
      • ‘Later here, I'll be talking with woman who strongly disagrees with today's ruling by the FDA panel.’
      • ‘So why stay in a government and fight a war she disagreed with?’
      disapprove of, oppose, dissent from, think wrong, be against, have a problem with, demur about, demur against, not believe in, not support
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  • 2(of statements or accounts) be inconsistent or fail to correspond.

    ‘results which disagree with the findings reported so far’
    • ‘Couples go through a number of statements and see whether they agree, disagree, or are undecided about them.’
    • ‘However, what each of the Gospels describes - though disagreeing quite radically on details - is nothing that deserves the name legal proceedings but rather a travesty thereof.’
    • ‘The remaining ‘incongruous’ crosses disagreeing in gene order with the largest clique were used to infer the existence of inversion polymorphism.’
    • ‘The various accounts disagree over whether it was the whole of his left ear or just part of it which was cut.’
    differ, be dissimilar, be unlike, be different, vary
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    1. 2.1disagree with (of food, climate, or an experience) have an adverse effect on.
      ‘the sea crossing disagreed with her’
      make ill, make unwell, nauseate, sicken, upset, cause illness to, cause discomfort to, be injurious to, have an adverse effect on
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Late 15th century (in disagree (sense 2), also in the sense ‘refuse to agree to’): from Old French desagreer.