Definition of disaffirm in English:



[with object]Law
  • Repudiate; declare void.

    ‘to disaffirm a contract is to say it never existed’
    • ‘Oriented toward the post-handover future, it often used the strategy of disaffirming notions of Chinese national identity in order to open up an alternative space of Hong Kongness.’
    • ‘However, failing to find differential receptiveness does not disaffirm this possibility if the polygyny allele is fixed in the population.’
    • ‘To do so is to disaffirm the universal fatherhood of God and the unity of His Torah.’
    • ‘It was specifically disaffirmed by Justice Lindgren at trial.’
    • ‘‘To a certain degree, that is correct,’ the Commander affirmed yet disaffirmed simultaneously.’
    abstain from, refrain from, give up, forgo, forswear, shun, renounce, swear off, abjure, steer clear of, have nothing to do with, give a wide berth to, fight shy of, relinquish, reject, dispense with, disavow, abandon, deny, gainsay, disclaim, repudiate, renege on, spurn, abnegate, abdicate, wash one's hands of, drop
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