Definition of disaffiliate in English:



  • 1 (of a group or organization) end its official connection with (a subsidiary group)

    ‘the party disaffiliated the Socialist League’
    • ‘No, you can't have the same goals as another club, even one which is in the slow process of being disaffiliated.’
    • ‘An University may consider disaffiliating a college or institution failing to curb ragging.’
    • ‘The decision was made to disaffiliate the union from the party after 86 years, depriving Labour of the union's practical support and £50,000 per year in donations.’
    • ‘Hynix, formally Hyundai Electronics Industries Co, was disaffiliated from the Hyundai Group on Aug.1.’
    • ‘Resorts can be disaffiliated from the exchange companies due to the facilities running down, which could further hinder availability or your ability to rent or sell.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the vice-president has warned clubs that have not paid their affiliation fees that they would be disaffiliated if they fail pay-up by this month end.’
    • ‘Despite its general secretary leading the SLP, there has been no attempt to disaffiliate the NUM from the Labour Party.’
    • ‘First, by disaffiliating the CU, the Students Union and the university would be restricting evangelism on campus, whilst giving freedom to other groups such as Muslims, Jews and political parties.’
    • ‘In 1937 the Socialist League was disaffiliated.’
    • ‘The executive disaffiliated the league, which dissolved itself at its Whitsun conference.’
    • ‘The secretary said in Kitwe yesterday any club that would not pay by today would be disaffiliated from the union.’
    • ‘They said such a move would lead to the Labour Party disaffiliating us and that we would lose political influence.’
    1. 1.1[no object](of a subsidiary group) end an official connection with an organization.
      ‘students' unions who wish to disaffiliate from the NUS’
      • ‘And then about a month later, our party disaffiliated again from the Reform Party and went back to what we were prior: the Independence Party.’
      • ‘The ANF disaffiliated from UnionsWA earlier this year.’
      • ‘Three groups have disaffiliated from The Irish Anti-war Movement and now aim to establish an Irish Antiwar Network.’
      • ‘That is on the cards with the RMT and the FBU, whose union conference voted to disaffiliate from Labour, but it is also being discussed in unions such as the CWU.’
      • ‘The CLC constitution does permit dissident locals to disaffiliate from their parent body and ultimately join another affiliate, but not before going through a years' long procedure.’
      • ‘When this decision was reversed, after a campaign by British-based unions, fifteen unions disaffiliated and created a Congress of Irish Unions with the ITGWU at its core in April 1945.’
      • ‘Len's career as the international representative came to an abrupt end in 1970 when he was fired for being one of the leaders that led Saskatchewan members in their successful drive to disaffiliate from the American-based organization.’
      • ‘Labour confirmed that the union was disaffiliated from the party which the RMT helped to form 105 years ago.’
      • ‘The MCR, which disaffiliated last year due to dissatisfaction with OUSU's graduate provision reviewed the situation last week and decided that there had been positive changes.’
      • ‘But the vote was whether to stay affiliated or to completely disaffiliate.’
      • ‘But he also spoke out against any suggestion that the union should disaffiliate from Labour and said it was a thousand times better to be inside the party than sitting on the sidelines sulking.’
      • ‘In 1989, the Associated Chamber of Manufactures disaffiliated from the Confederation of Australian Industry.’
      • ‘Since then the FBU has voted to disaffiliate from Labour.’
      • ‘Dougherty was critically influential late in 1954, threatening to disaffiliate his union if the federal executive did not go ahead and sack the Victorian executive, despite the paucity of evidence against it.’
      • ‘By 1988 mounting hostility to Labor's pro-market program resulted in miners and other sections of the working class demanding that their unions break with the Accord and disaffiliate from the ALP.’
      • ‘The incident is the latest in a series of bust-ups after the Legion's social club decided to disaffiliate from the Royal British Legion and set up on its own as Tadcaster Social Club.’
      • ‘The union leadership will come under increasing pressure to disaffiliate from Labour.’
      • ‘The RMT was expelled from the party and the FBU recently disaffiliated.’
      • ‘Angry over concessions and lack of representation, Northwest mechanics disaffiliated from the IAM in 1998, voting to join the independent AMFA, a small craft union.’
      • ‘Colleges may choose to disaffiliate from the Student Union after the annual budget was overwhelmingly rejected last Friday.’