Definition of disaffectedly in English:



  • See disaffected

    • ‘Cross, on the other hand, usually stands disaffectedly in the crowd at shows, blending nicely with the rest of the jaded music fans in this city.’
    • ‘As portrayed by Thornton, Ed Crane wanders disaffectedly through life, somehow unencumbered by the dissolution of his world.’
    • ‘Saleswomen stared disaffectedly above counters that were dark wood and polished.’
    • ‘The reason for my noticing this novel is that one of the protagonists, an English teacher at a notorious comprehensive school in Westminster, is also a cookery-book writer engaged somewhat disaffectedly in a new work on fusion food.’
    • ‘This poem, written shortly after the East German uprising of 17th June 1953, uses the first person pronoun six times in six lines, but it is hard to think of anything more witheringly and disaffectedly political.’