Definition of dirty work in English:

dirty work


mass noun
  • Activities or tasks that are unpleasant or dishonest and given to someone else to undertake.

    ‘you're only indispensable to your boss because you do all her dirty work’
    • ‘They would prefer to do their dirty work under the cover of darkness.’
    • ‘Usually it is big Western armies like the American, British and French that get proxy armies to do their dirty work for them.’
    • ‘State-corporate crimes may involve the state employing private companies to do its dirty work for it.’
    • ‘His life has always been a matter of others doing his dirty work for him, others bailing him out.’
    • ‘Don't get crippled kids and war widows to do your dirty work!’
    • ‘They cheated their own people and used extortion against them in doing the overlords' dirty work.’
    • ‘As it turned out, the man who eventually got the IRS job refused to do Nixon's dirty work.’
    • ‘In every war it was the opportune time for the reactionist and commercial vulture to do his dirty work in the name of patriotism.’
    • ‘If that is right then Kerry is correct to hammer on Bush having these people do his dirty work for him.’
    • ‘Moderate is not forming an army of suicide bombers, terrorists and animals to do your dirty work.’
    • ‘In actual fact they are trying to get Labour to do their dirty work for them.’
    • ‘Sure, rely on your closest friends for support, but don't let them do your dirty work.’
    • ‘But, it's not all dirty work or dodging bullets, her career has also brought her into contact with the stars.’
    • ‘‘He's a barrister and has a way with words, so I get him to do my dirty work,’ she said.’
    • ‘I think what we really are at a point now is where we can't expect others to continue to do our dirty work.’
    • ‘They serve a useful function, surely, do all the nitty-gritty dirty work, and make their clients rich in the process.’
    • ‘Neo-liberalism, which officially began here with Mrs Thatcher, has not yet finished its dirty work.’
    • ‘What she didn't know was that her school may be helping a powerful credit card issuer do their dirty work.’
    • ‘My next guest says she's tired of the Democratic Party calling in old war veterans to do its dirty work.’
    • ‘The present government is not unique in using the armed forced as some sort of response force to do its political dirty work.’
    menial work, drudgery, chores, donkey work
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