Definition of dirty bomb in English:

dirty bomb


  • A conventional bomb that contains radioactive material.

    • ‘He also told of a trip to Africa to buy radioactive materials for a dirty bomb from renegade Russians.’
    • ‘In this work the editors have assembled a group of authors focused on ‘new threats’ to American security - biological, dirty bombs, and cyber attacks.’
    • ‘I mean if it's the same people who stole the truck they've got nuclear material, high explosive and that is a dirty bomb.’
    • ‘The radioactive material would be ideal for making a dirty bomb, a potentially devastating terrorist weapon that can be built cheaply and easily.’
    • ‘The basic goal of the dirty bomb is to spread radioactive material in the form of a dust cloud, over a large geographical area.’
    • ‘What makes dirty bombs particularly troublesome is that radioactivity, like fire, is something we deal with on a daily basis.’
    • ‘Terrorists, suitcase bombs, anthrax, radiological dirty bombs, and improvised explosive devices dominate the new strategic lexicon.’
    • ‘Federal officials say he spoke with al Qaeda about exploding a radioactive dirty bomb somewhere in the United States.’
    • ‘They fear a hijacked oil tanker could be rigged with explosives or a radioactive dirty bomb could be smuggled ashore in a shipping container.’
    • ‘A dirty bomb would use explosives to spread radioactive material across a wide area with potentially devastating results.’
    • ‘They'll just get the weapons in anyhow, dirty bombs, clean bombs, or blow up one of the 103 nuclear power plants in America.’
    • ‘We agree with Buscombe that radionuclear threats are of low probability and the radioactive materials used for making dirty bombs pose the highest threat to the terrorists themselves.’
    • ‘Seattle will pretend it's been hit by a radioactive dirty bomb, and Chicago health workers will face a strange flu-like illness.’
    • ‘He was originally accused of plotting to detonate a radioactive dirty bomb in the U.S. and has been held without charges for more than three years.’
    • ‘If we allow that to happen, dirty bomb or no dirty bomb, they've attained their objective.’
    • ‘The attorney general accused him of trying to build and detonate a radioactive dirty bomb somewhere in the United States.’
    • ‘We were looking for shoe bombs, car bombs, human bombs, dirty bombs, smart bombs - - not bird bombs.’
    • ‘Radioactive materials that could be used in dirty bombs have recently been confiscated at checkpoints along the borders of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.’


dirty bomb