Definition of dirt farm in English:

dirt farm


North American
  • See dirt farmer

    • ‘He grew up on a dirt farm in a little town in Upstate New York, with no electricity or indoor plumbing.’
    • ‘We join the story in the Deep South where Carl's father is a hard-bitten sharecropper on a miserable dirt farm, trudging behind a team of mules in the summer swelter, pushing a hand plow.’
    • ‘Many of them were off the beaten track, we're talking about dirt farms with an outside box for a toilet.’
    • ‘They started out on dirt farms in Indiana, and, having built business after business (a car dealership, drive-in movie theaters, a construction company), they ended up in southern California.’
    • ‘It was all so very different from the days of her childhood on an Ohio dirt farm, with a once beautiful mother worn to a thin shadow, and a father who drank, and often beat her with his belt.’