Definition of dirt cheap in English:

dirt cheap

adjective & adverb

  • Extremely cheap.

    as adverb ‘the auctioneers let us have the stuff dirt cheap’
    as adjective ‘a dirt-cheap price’
    • ‘He placed adverts in local papers in Yorkshire offering dirt-cheap package holidays to Folkestone for the week targeted at pensioners with little spare cash.’
    • ‘Moving here was remarkably easy for me; I had a dirt-cheap rent-controlled apartment waiting, abandoned for one year by a friend who was gathering dissertation research in Paris.’
    • ‘Stranaham had purchased his house dirt-cheap at a government auction.’
    • ‘Factor in the absolute power of today's computers and the dirt-cheap storage / RAM prices, and there's a revolution waiting to happen.’
    • ‘We had a dirt-cheap lease so we could offer really great rates.’
    • ‘Julien Clot-Goudard, coordinator of Éco-Quartier Rosemont-Petite-Patrie, says the city had the idea of selling the bins dirt-cheap to promote composting but forgot to give someone the job of distributing them.’
    • ‘Much of the coastline is dotted with dirt-cheap wind-blown chalet resorts where there is little to think about except sun and lunch, but there are a couple of places which stand head and shoulders above the rest.’
    • ‘What's attracting buyout firms and hedge funds to energy are the potential gobs of money to be made from buying power plants at dirt-cheap prices.’
    • ‘Letham says the arrival of digital cinema - which replaces huge, fragile reels of film with dirt-cheap discs - has made it economically possible to return classic movies to the big screen.’
    • ‘When taking a dirt-cheap bus ride, you get what you pay for.’
    • ‘Although the Haier brand is making inroads into the global consumer consciousness, analysts say the deciding factor for overseas buyers is still its dirt-cheap prices.’
    • ‘These lands were then handed over at dirt-cheap prices to industrialists, miners and hoteliers or were used for creating housing enclaves for the elite, including those in the bureaucracy.’
    • ‘They sell tonnes of electronics, mostly working, for dirt-cheap prices.’
    • ‘I was pleasantly surprised to discover a clamorous, dim room filled with networked computers available dirt-cheap.’
    • ‘But the rest of the manufacturing sector relies on low margins and dirt-cheap labor - labor that's suddenly not so cheap.’
    • ‘But the real reason I chose the Logitech headset was because it was dirt-cheap and it could be used with a PC like earphones.’
    • ‘Instead, the U.S. has lost hundreds of thousands of good jobs, as our corporate stallions have stampeded to poverty-stricken nations to take advantage of powerless and dirt-cheap labor.’
    • ‘Even today, the Berlin skyline is littered with construction cranes, and signs in both English and German offer dirt-cheap rates on never-been-used apartment and office buildings.’
    • ‘While not a bad price for an international flight during peak season, most American's seem to have become accustomed to dirt-cheap flights as discounters proliferate domestically.’
    • ‘Fares increase as the aircraft fills up, especially on very popular routes, so passengers need to buy early to get the dirt-cheap fares.’
    cheap, low-priced, low-price, low-cost, economical, economic, competitive, affordable, reasonable, reasonably priced, moderately priced, keenly priced, budget, economy, cheap and cheerful, bargain, cut-rate, cut-price, half-price, sale-price, sale, reduced, on special offer, marked down, discounted, discount, rock-bottom, giveaway
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dirt cheap