Definition of dirham in English:



  • 1The basic monetary unit of Morocco and the United Arab Emirates, equal to 100 centimes in Morocco and 100 fils in the United Arab Emirates.

    • ‘The night that he sung in the Old Mechouar stage, the crowd (even at 400 dirhams a ticket) was capacity-plus.’
    • ‘I finally saw one of the streetside orange-juice vendors Matt had told me about: I had two glasses of fresh squeezed OJ for 3 dirhams.’
    • ‘I rent one for an hour - 50 dirhams, complete with surly pilot.’
    • ‘A typical palm island villa (6500 sq feet, four to five bedroom) with 65 feet of beachfront sold for 2.6 million dirhams off the plans.’
    • ‘They each paid about 10 US to use the water taxi to cross the river from the Dubai side to Deria when in truth I've been across for about 2 dirhams.’
    • ‘At the airport, the Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department hands out gold-coloured dirhams to 50,000 people as a welcoming gesture.’
    • ‘Prices are all marked in dirhams, with an exchange rate of just over ten dirhams to one euro.’
    • ‘The battle of Pelennor fields may have been all the rage at the office, but Praful quietly cursed the decision to fork out 30 dirhams for a ticket to ‘The Return of the King’ and a free coke.’
    • ‘The Indian community in Dubai UAE has donated 1.03 million dirhams for use by a local charity, the IANS news service has reported.’
    • ‘It cost all of two dirhams to buy and I can still remember trying to read it incessantly while my dad dragged me from fish booth to fish booth.’
    • ‘I'm living on 100 dirhams a week which just about covers essentials like toiletries.’
    • ‘This was a fast food place so it is pretty cheap, but some of the higher class restaurants are still reasonable, in many of the 4/5 star hotels a nice meal would set you back about 50-70 dirhams, which is a lot cheaper than Ireland.’
    • ‘For a few dirhams (there are about 15 to the pound) you get someone who knows the city's nooks and crannies inside out, and by hiring a guide all the other would-be tour givers leave you alone.’
    • ‘Also Sara's maternity needs are not covered by our insurance, it costs 600 dirhams a time to see the gynaecologist and will cost in the region of 12,000 dirhams to have the baby privately.’
    • ‘Dollars (of various nations), pounds, gilders, marks, lire, pesetas, dirhams, takas are up for grabs if one is talented enough with that wooden stick called a hockey.’
    • ‘For a few dirhams you can hire a donkey and muleteer to carry your gear and guide you along remote trails, over low passes linking hidden valleys.’
    • ‘He bequeathed his books to his pupil, Ayyub Saktiyan, who paid more than ten dirhams as a fare for them being loaded on a camel.’
    • ‘And he ordered that the scholar be given 10,000 dirhams.’
    • ‘They also think they will be breathing fresh air while dollars and dirhams roll into their bank accounts.’
    • ‘He gave up a well-paid job in Dubai to come back home to the family farm because the bond of home was stronger than the lure of Gulf dirhams.’
  • 2A monetary unit of Libya and Qatar, equal to one thousandth of a dinar in Libya and one hundredth of a riyal in Qatar.


From Arabic, from Greek drakhmē, denoting an Attic weight or coin. Compare with drachma.