Definition of directorate in English:



  • 1treated as singular or plural The board of directors of a company.

    • ‘Corporate networks are formed when the directors of some corporations sit on the boards of others, creating interlocking directorates.’
    • ‘Most think that acquisition behavior diffuses through the network of interlocking directorates.’
    • ‘Though legal, such interlocking directorates are not exactly good corporate governance.’
    • ‘Conseco has no investment bankers, legal counsel, commercial bankers, or consultants doing business with the company on its board, nor are there any interlocking directorates.’
    • ‘In addition, we also controlled for board centrality in the network of interlocking directorates, measured as the natural log of the total number of non-duplicated ties between the focal board and all other boards in the larger sample.’
    • ‘The extensive research on interlocking directorates provides insight into the power dynamic associated with outside board membership.’
    • ‘Prior research on interlocking directorates has focused on how overlapping board memberships can promote mimetic isomorphism in a population by facilitating the diffusion of individual policies and structures between firms.’
    • ‘When a corporation's management invites outsiders to sit on its board, it surrenders decision-making authority to them and often creates interlocking directorates with other firms.’
    • ‘He argues that the ‘mechanisms’ of the holding company and interlocking directorates vertically integrated each of the local industries to the U.S. sugar refining sector.’
    • ‘The bank had four interlocking directorates with the utility.’
    • ‘For instance, interlocking directorates linking firms have been reported to contribute to the spread of corporate acquisitions, poison pills, golden parachutes, and technological innovations.’
    • ‘With that cultural understanding will come a noticeable difference in the way the directorate helps personnel.’
    • ‘Such companies developed elected directorates to enforce their rules, deal with disputes amongst their members, and negotiate with outsiders.’
    committee, council, panel, commission, group, delegation, delegates, trustees, panel of trustees, convocation
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  • 2treated as singular or plural A section of a government department in charge of a particular activity.

    ‘the Food Safety Directorate’
    • ‘The charges follow a joint investigation by West Yorkshire police and the Crown Prosecution Service casework directorate.’
    • ‘The argument being floated by those in favour of the move is that the PRD is just a directorate and not a department of the Government.’
    • ‘He said investigators would await the decision of the directorate of public prosecutions.’
    • ‘The Greek government has decided to grant 20 000 euro, the information directorate of the Foreign Ministry said.’
    • ‘Monitoring of these regulations is the responsibility of the occupational health and safety directorate at the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration.’
    • ‘The provincial directorate of public prosecutions declined to prosecute in most of these cases.’
    • ‘Selection and training of pilot project staff is the responsibility of the Health Department's HIV-Aids directorate.’
    • ‘They met the chief of Rousse's regional directorate of the interior on Friday.’
    • ‘Such a system should be run by a specially established directorate for government service education within the RF Presidential Administration.’
    • ‘Note, the undersigned are from both the CIA's Directorate of Operations and Directorate of Intelligence.’
    • ‘Three new directorates have been established at the Ministry of Transport and Communications.’
    • ‘We are no doubt the largest command in the specialist crime directorate.’
    • ‘According to the regional police directorate in Blagoevgrad, the argument about the monastery had started last Easter.’
    • ‘He is currently teaching Counterintelligence at a Directorate of Operations training facility.’
    • ‘The regional directorate has its own press officers, accountants and managers.’
    • ‘You have a Deputy Assistant Commander reporting to the Deputy Commissioner in charge of professional standards directorate.’
    • ‘There has been a certain amount of guidance put out from the diversity directorate.’
    • ‘The investigation is being carried out by the specialist crime directorate, which deals with high profile and unusual cases.’
    administration, executive, regime, authority, powers that be, council, leadership, management
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