Definition of directional in English:



  • 1Relating to or indicating the direction in which someone or something is situated or moving.

    ‘directional signs wherever two paths joined’
    • ‘Her hand is safely tethered to an adult's, but her eyes are fixed on the large white directional arrows painted on the street beside her - signs and ciphers whose mystery she seems to ponder.’
    • ‘But the odds of anybody getting hurt are pretty slim, because the airplane will stay on the runway, and the pilot will still have directional control.’
    • ‘She also pointed out that businesses were not supposed to put out directional signs unless they had applied for permission.’
    • ‘Along the N6 from Stutterheim to Queenstown and the R61 to Tarkastad, there are new road signs being erected, directional and distance.’
    • ‘Apparently the reason that the signs only indicate the more local towns and not advance directional ones is that the roads around Ransboro and indeed all around the Knocknarea peninsula are classed as minor ones.’
    • ‘He made the analogy of a person observing a road sign with a directional arrow on it, and instead of proceeding along the road in the indicated direction, the person climbs up the sign post, trying to reach the arrow itself.’
    • ‘Accurately lining up these factors not only provides a power boost but also cranks a ball to wherever you decide with your directional swing; otherwise, you'll whiff on a pitch or pop a ball up to a waiting defender.’
    • ‘But if you're lost in the cave, the map of Powell's seems only an abstract black and white design of squiggly curves, wavy topographical lines, and straight directional lines.’
    • ‘A simplified colour code is used, with blue hues replacing the orange, and basic directional arrows and place names winning out over stand-alone letters and numbers.’
    • ‘These are likely to include improved long-stay car parking and coach parking at the western and eastern sections of Back Ends as well as a strategy for improving directional signs throughout the town.’
    • ‘He said he was going to meet with the council's partner consultants, Mouchel, in order to implement a new sign strategy which would include car parks and directional signs.’
    • ‘Johannine territoriality addresses not only space and place, but also the directional markers which indicate the place whence Jesus came and whither he goes.’
    • ‘Recaptured birds generally showed a lack of directional movement in both seasons. although subsequent recaptures indicate northward movement by these migrants in the spring.’
    • ‘The applicant also proposed directional signage to the back parking lot, renovations to the underground parking lot to improve its lighting and appearance, and the addition of a card access security system.’
    • ‘This may be accomplished through marking directional arrows on the score and perhaps indicating the type of interval involved.’
    • ‘Appropriate and clear signage includes off-site and entrance signage as well as on-site signage with directional, cautionary, and parking signs.’
    • ‘The trick is to add breakaway power to get the mass moving - then, avoid using differential brakes for directional control or stopping unless necessary.’
    • ‘I had appointed myself the Driving Czar of the world and I wrote about one of the cardinal rules of driving: using your directional signals.’
    • ‘You know, any time your directional control is going to be in question, you know, this airplane is designed to land with all three gears assemblies on the ground.’
    • ‘Council officers had recommended that the proposal be granted for a limited five year period under certain conditions including the installation of new directional road signs.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to, influencing, or exemplifying the latest trends in fashion.
      ‘a directional womenswear designer’
      • ‘But men are generally not as adventurous with their style as women, so this one might not catch on, except with Will and Shane, the most directional male fashionistas I know.’
      • ‘Some of the designer pieces like the Gucci dress were really directional, but now they have been copied everywhere.’
      • ‘It was directional, sophisticated, fully developed and mercifully short Fashion Awards winner of the Swarovski Perry Ellis Award for Ready-to-Wear.’
      • ‘Our Boutique range is an in-house, design-led collection which is very directional and fashion-forward.’
      • ‘Now, the fashion-savvy girl wants her clothes to be unplaceable rather than directional: she wants the credit for having the imagination to think outside the box.’
  • 2Having a particular direction of motion, progression, or orientation.

    ‘coiling the wire permits directional flow of the magnetic flux’
    • ‘In this competitive population, larger adult females were more likely to be recruited, indicating directional selection favoring increased female body size.’
    • ‘A deficiency of polymorphic sites within species indicates directional selection, while an excess of segregating sites within species suggests the action of balancing selection.’
    • ‘The occurrence of directional evolution for microsatellite size indicates that the estimation of population parameters with microsatellite data in maize should be done with caution.’
    • ‘High d N / d S ratios (excess of nonsynonymous substitutions) are considered to indicate directional evolution.’
    • ‘The power-beyond port is then used to supply pump flow to the additional directional control valve.’
    • ‘This means there would be a shadow cast to the north and the directional orientation of the picture would come into play.’
    • ‘More limited data also indicate consistent directional selection favoring decreasing time to adulthood and reproductive maturity.’
    • ‘The edges are heat-sealed to carry a minimum loading of 1,200 psi, and baffles and ‘islands’ are formed in the pad to control the directional flow of the fluid.’
    • ‘The nodes represent genes and directional links indicate significant expression correlation between a candidate gene in an eQTL region and the gene affected by the eQTL.’
    • ‘This analysis demonstrates that growth cone turning results from an increase in the persistence of directional motion rather than a change in speed.’
    • ‘Circular clockwise motion of a cilium can generate directional leftward flow if its axis is not perpendicular to the cell surface but tilted posteriorly.’
    • ‘Air should be introduced at the ceiling and exhausted near the floor, creating a downward directional flow.’
    • ‘A positive coefficient indicates that directional selection is acting to increase that trait.’
    • ‘Actin microfilaments are found perpendicular to the cortical microtubules and may be the source of motion to propel the directional motions of the fluid membrane.’
    • ‘In a motile cell indicated through its polar directional appearance, fewer or no stress fibers were observed, whereas a resting cell shows very prominent stress fibers.’
    • ‘During metaphase in both animal and budding yeast cells, chromosomes exhibit directional instability, moving first one way and then the other.’
    • ‘At their face value, these estimates indicate little evidence for directional selection.’
    • ‘Within coralla, directional orientations of the major axes of lacunae appear to be random.’
    • ‘No directional flow of water molecules is observed; instead, water molecules appear to follow a random diffusion mode, from one residence site to another.’
    • ‘The main effect of body side indicates directional asymmetry, whereas the side x individual interaction provides a measure of fluctuating asymmetry.’
    1. 2.1 Relating to, denoting, or designed for the projection, transmission, or reception of light, radio, or sound waves in or from a particular direction or directions.
      ‘a directional microphone’
      • ‘And there's a chance that the box might have some kind of radio emanations that reveal the raw, unencrypted data to an attacker who has a good radio and directional antenna.’
      • ‘These directional fluorescent lights suggest that this is not the destination, so one is guided along to the upper gallery.’
      • ‘I made recordings using a Sony TCD - 5 Pro tape recorder and an AKG ck9 directional microphone before and after the playback.’
      • ‘Simply put, the system divides the orchestra pit into ten acoustical zones and the stage into fourteen, each governed by a directional microphone.’
      • ‘In the study, cochlear implant users who used directional microphones improved their speech understanding by 11.7%.’
      • ‘The viewing screen can be shaded to an extent from the sun or other directional light sources, by means of baffles, but the basic problem remains.’
      • ‘That was a plus-he wouldn't be immediately identified as American, but if the opposition had a directional microphone, which could even pick up whispers, the ruse would be up.’
      • ‘ABC's Diane Sawyer did something interesting the other night, using a directional mike to play a tape of what it actually sounded like in that room.’
      • ‘Students who could mount cheap directional antennae on their roofs and point them at DP would be able to connect to the campus network from all over the city with little more than a tin can, a bit of antenna cable and a wireless card.’
      • ‘The LSO didn't see the ship turning, because it was nighttime and the directional gyro lights in the landing Control Station were burnt out, which made the gauge hard to use for quick reference.’
      • ‘The third new product is a wall-mounted, directional patch antenna designed to improve indoor communications that experience poor reception.’
      • ‘As for communications equipment, the snipers need small, easily packable radios and a good directional antenna to allow for longer-range communications.’
      • ‘By illuminating areas that are prone to shadows with strong directional lights you'll find that the room opens up even further.’
      • ‘One thing: even if you use a blimped camera and scream for silence on the set, make sure you have a directional microphone with good frequency response, and check levels.’
      • ‘Typically, the land mobile radio technician uses a directional wattmeter connected in the transmission line to measure the forward and reflected power.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, you're standing fifty yards away with a sneer, a telephoto lens and a directional microphone.’
      • ‘Intense fiber optic lighting is also necessary, though directional light from focusable light guides is insufficient; the use of a fiber optic ring light is optimal.’
      • ‘They are still there, using directional microphones and long-distance camera lenses to record the comings and goings of the locals.’
      • ‘The Comtac features dual microphones, giving you directional hearing and an interface for boom mike and radio interconnection, but my favorite feature is the on/off volume control.’
      • ‘Nanotechnology had made them nothing more than a single in-ear headphone with a directional microphone.’