Definition of direct dialling in English:

direct dialling


mass noun
  • The facility of making a telephone call without connection by the operator.

    as modifier ‘a direct dialling telephone system’
    • ‘State-owned listed domestic telecommunications firm PT Telkomand international direct dialing operator PT Indosat said on Tuesday they would not endeavor to increase their rates this year.’
    • ‘Fixed telephone lines to residential and business customers, international direct dialing, and mobile telephony are the three to be discarded (which is not to say they don't have value).’
    • ‘J Gannon in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Sligo, from the Minister of Post and Telegraphs in the telephone exchange at Cork City inaugurated, for the first time in the state, a direct dialling, long distance telephone system.’
    • ‘Does Lack think we should have never implemented direct dialing, as it ruined the lives (as he implies with the people who got fired) of all of those operators?’
    • ‘It is worth mentioning here that the Indian government withdrew the facility of direct dialling to Pakistan and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir from Srinagar on the outbreak of an armed separatist campaign 14 years ago.’
    • ‘International direct dialling, introduced to the Soviet telephone system in time for the Moscow Olympics, was discontinued, as the system provided an unwelcome avenue for unofficial contacts between Soviet citizens and foreigners.’
    • ‘With elegant desks, in-room fax and laptop connections, and one of the lowest rates for international direct dialling, the business person is given an option of working in their room rather than in an impersonal office set-up.’
    • ‘Going back to the slower connection would be like going back to operator-assisted long-distance after you've had direct dialing.’
    • ‘Ireland is to block direct dialling to 13 countries, mostly in the South Pacific, to combat the growing menace of rogue autodiallers.’
    • ‘One of the reasons Australia and Japan were favored in the current survey was because they slashed their rates for international direct dialing during the past year, said an official from the center.’
    • ‘Indosat is facing increasing competitive pressure with the entry of Telkom into its international direct dialing market expected by the end of 2003 or early 2004.’
    • ‘Extra features such as direct dialling and voicemail will cost more on a traditional PABX system but, according to 3Com, they come as standard on NBX.’
    • ‘This would come in the form of lost international direct dialling revenues, wholesale telecom charges like termination charges, local access charges and universal service obligations.’
    • ‘Singapore also took first place in terms of pricing as Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. slashed its international direct dialing rates after the local telecom market was fully opened to competitors in April last year.’
    • ‘‘Our new communications infrastructure provides voicemail and direct dialling, whereas before we didn't have these facilities,’ said Wright.’
    • ‘The regulator has also said that direct dialling to places from where most of the dialling scams originate will be blocked.’
    • ‘Furthermore a standard international earth station and an international switching centre in Windhoek make for clear connections and direct dialling facilities to more than 228 countries, which is about 97% of the world.’
    • ‘For the phone company, the answer was direct dialing, and for XML it is the automatic generation of metadata.’
    • ‘The other state-owned telecommunications company is PT Indosat, which currently holds a duopoly for international direct dialing services with its subsidiary PT Satelindo.’


direct dialling