Definition of direct current in English:

direct current


  • An electric current flowing in one direction only.

    Compare with alternating current
    • ‘The inverter changes the solar direct current into the alternating current used by most household appliances.’
    • ‘It creates alternating current rather than direct current.’
    • ‘LED lights require a transformer to turn alternating current to direct current.’
    • ‘He waged and lost one of the world's first technology-format fights, be-tween alternating and direct currents.’
    • ‘The high-voltage current then passes through a diode, which acts as a rectifier - it only lets current flow one way, so it changes the fluctuating current from the transformer back into steady direct current.’
    • ‘An integral inverter changes the direct current to alternating current for transmission into the facility's electrical distribution systems.’
    • ‘In the Biorock electro-accretion process, a low-voltage direct current supplied by either solar panels or charging stations is applied to a submerged metal grid.’
    • ‘A circuit arrangement for supplying a discharge lamp with a direct current includes input terminals for connection to a supply voltage source.’
    • ‘High frequency current should be used for starting the direct current and arc with alternating current high frequency should be used continuously.’
    • ‘Pipes containing wiring from each panel lead to a small shed behind the building, where the solar-generated power is converted from direct current to alternating current.’
    • ‘Testing diode lasers with direct current is a complex operation.’
    • ‘A direct-current voltage is applied across a first layer of a conductive material, so that a direct current flows in a first direction through the first layer.’
    • ‘This then transforms the energy into the direct current that the battery uses to recharge.’
    • ‘So I went to solar panels, but these must have an ‘inverter’ that converts the direct current generated by the panels into alternating current to be used in my house, with the excess fed back into the city's power grid.’
    • ‘The current must be converted from direct current to alternating current.’
    • ‘Its one-directional conduction gave it the ability to convert alternating current into direct current.’
    • ‘They connect only through tie lines where power must be converted from alternating current to direct current and back again.’
    • ‘The inverter converts the direct current produced by the solar panels into AC power that can be used in the home or fed back into a utility power grid system.’
    • ‘There is a alternating current, instead of a direct current within the bobbin because of the motion of the string.’
    • ‘The later device converts the low-voltage direct current put out by the batteries into 120-volt alternating house current.’


direct current