Definition of dipterist in English:



  • A person who studies or collects flies.

    • ‘Mr. Yang accompanied Mike Irwin, Don Webb, and the other four graduate student dipterists to Guatemala in May 1997.’
    • ‘Carnegie dipterist Chen Young will be describing these new species and anticipates publishing a detailed morphological treatment of Caribbean Epiphragma as part of his continuing research program on Caribbean crane flies.’
    • ‘The eminent dipterist, Maurice T. James, was curator from 1934 to 1947.’
    • ‘It is a lifetime award and can only be held by a single dipterist at a time.’
    • ‘Loew was perhaps the most influential dipterist to contribute information to the study of robber flies, describing several species and more than 80 genera.’
    • ‘Also a note on the relative productivity of dipterists is also included.’
    • ‘Evert Schlinger, a widely respected parasitoid dipterist active in taxonomic field research, continues his involvement and dedication as an outstanding member of the ALL Species advisor network.’
    • ‘The illustrator, Dr Ing František Gregor, Dr. h.c, is known as both a lepidopterist and dipterist but is particularly known worldwide as a scientific illustrator of insects and plants.’
    • ‘My involvement with entomology dates to my earliest memories inasmuch as my father was a dipterist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.’
    • ‘It's with great sadness to hear that an important dipterist left us.’
    • ‘These meetings were, and have remained, very informal, and the participating dipterists have resisted any attempts at formalising or institutionalising their group.’
    • ‘A directory of the world dipterists is maintained by the Systematic Entomology Laboratory under the leadership of Chris Thompson and can be accessed through this link.’


Late 19th century: from Diptera + -ist.