Definition of diplomatic pouch in English:

diplomatic pouch


  • US term for diplomatic bag
    • ‘It might have been accidental that cocaine was recently found in diplomatic pouches leaving this country.’
    • ‘He helped the OSS in the Vessel Project, which involved sending espionage material to Dublin in the Irish diplomatic pouch.’
    • ‘The so-called black box was discovered in March at the United Nations' Air Safety Unit, where it apparently had sat for a decade after its arrival by diplomatic pouch from the UN Mission in Rwanda.’
    • ‘The report alleges Iraqi embassies in Moscow, Hanoi, Ankara and Bern were also used to collect kickbacks from the oil companies, with the money shipped back to Iraq in diplomatic pouches.’
    • ‘The Crown supplemented this with an excellent system of opening the mails (and diplomatic pouches, when available) and decrypting messages written in code.’
    • ‘Mark said Parliament had not been apprised of several foreign affairs matters, including an update on the release of the two Barbados fishermen and the cocaine that was found in diplomatic pouches.’
    • ‘Officials also said the inside of a diplomatic pouch, bound for the US embassy in Lima, Peru, had tested positive.’
    • ‘Officials at Gatwick Airport were surprised to discover heroin spilling out a diplomatic pouch destined for Sierra Leone's high commission in London.’
    • ‘Ponder on each of them before you open the diplomatic pouches or make responses.’
    • ‘Drugs are reportedly exported through China and Russia to Asia and Europe via government trading companies, diplomatic pouches, and commercial cargo.’
    • ‘Often enough, diplomatic pouches contained illicit and possibly dangerous things and many of the carriers were part of long-running smuggling operations.’
    • ‘Methods used included smuggling, diplomatic pouches, undercover exchange of foreign currencies, Swiss bank accounts and trusts, sales of paintings and other valuables, and the black market.’
    • ‘Indeed a deal was struck with the German Nazis giving their agents freedom of movement in Argentina, false IDs and use of the Argentinian diplomatic pouch.’
    • ‘The amounts were supposedly small - a kilo or two slipped in via diplomatic pouch, the proceeds going to keep the lights on and fund clandestine operations.’
    • ‘Once completed, the ballots will be shipped to the Canadian Embassy in Kabul and transported by diplomatic pouch back to Canada, where they will be tallied and allotted according to riding.’