Definition of diplomat in English:



  • 1An official representing a country abroad.

    • ‘The officials and diplomats spoke anonymously because of the delicacy of the negotiations on what tack to take on Iran.’
    • ‘However, diplomats and former senior officials were sceptical of the claims.’
    • ‘Government leaders, senior officials and diplomats attended the ceremony.’
    • ‘Its victims have included diplomats and military officials from Turkey and America.’
    • ‘Industry officials and diplomats in Guinea on Monday would discuss the find here only on condition of anonymity.’
    • ‘Croatia was represented only by diplomats from its mission in Sofia, due to visa restrictions.’
    • ‘The news will come as a blow in London where senior officials and diplomats believed a new resolution was possible by last week.’
    • ‘Every four or five months, Dergoul said, he was visited by British diplomats and officials from MI5.’
    • ‘For their part, coalition officials and Western diplomats talk of leaving in around two years.’
    • ‘Now it seems that pressure from foreign diplomats and top officials could turn the tide.’
    • ‘Sometimes, diplomats might be representing a country that is almost on the verge of war with the host country.’
    • ‘A series of rights, privileges, and immunities became attached both to diplomats and diplomatic activities.’
    • ‘The assessment by US intelligence officials and diplomats at the time of the massacre was optimistic.’
    • ‘European diplomats and Croatian officials also claim Britain is doing Washington's bidding.’
    • ‘From the start, diplomats and officials at the UN recognised that this was a bodged compromise.’
    • ‘It is now housed in the prime minister's palace and is set to be used by politicians, diplomats and aid officials from all over the world.’
    • ‘Some diplomats, military men, and other government officials also lost their jobs.’
    • ‘The ruling stipulated that only diplomats and servicemen posted abroad will be allowed to vote, by mail.’
    • ‘It is not clear what the Belgian government advised its diplomats to do.’
    • ‘He's the first diplomat to represent an Arab country in the new Iraq and had just arrived on the job in June.’
    ambassador, envoy, emissary, consul, attaché, plenipotentiary, chargé d'affaires, official
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    1. 1.1A person who can deal with others in a sensitive and tactful way.
      • ‘You need to be an organiser, negotiator, diplomat and entertainer, ready to deal with anything and everything.’


Early 19th century: from French diplomate, back-formation from diplomatique diplomatic, from Latin diploma (see diploma).