Definition of dipeptide in English:



  • A peptide composed of two amino-acid residues.

    • ‘The protein source of peptide-based formulas is hydrolyzed protein, dipeptides or tripeptides, or free amino acids.’
    • ‘Values range from 0 to 1 and scores equal or greater than 0.5 represent a region of the protein with RS dipeptides or basic amino acids constituting a majority.’
    • ‘This dipeptide (comprising two amino acids - histidine and beta-alanine) is found in fairly high amounts in muscle cells.’
    • ‘These proteases are both endopeptidase and exopeptidase, and their combined action in the intestine leads to the production of amino acids, dipeptides, and tripeptides, all of which are taken up by enterocytes of the mucosal wall.’
    • ‘All of the TRA proteins are characterized by a variable number of interspersed serine/arginine dipeptides and a proline/valine motif in the C-terminal domain.’