Definition of dioch in English:



  • A quelea (weaver bird).

    The black-faced (or Sudan) dioch is the red-billed quelea (Quelea quelea)

    • ‘The Blackfaced Dioch is a typical bird of the semi-arid (Sahelo- Sudanese) zone.’
    • ‘The grassy stratum is made up principally of a number of species of Gramineae whose seeds constitute the staple food of the adult Black-faced Diochs all the year around.’
    • ‘The Anti-Locust Research Centre now regards the menace of the black-faced dioch as a crop pest over two million square miles of Africa as serious enough for it to transfer resources from insect control to studying the 'feathered locust' as this species is called.’


Late 19th century: probably a local African name.