Definition of dingy in English:



  • Gloomy and drab.

    ‘a dingy room’
    • ‘He was shaggy and a dirty person, his dingy white shirt full of holes, and jeans full of mud.’
    • ‘The dark and dingy rooms have just one little room up a stairway, which served as a toilet and bath.’
    • ‘It's a dark room, with only a single bare bulb hanging from the ceiling, dingy walls, dark floor.’
    • ‘She looked around a dingy and dirty room that contained two stalls, but no other door out.’
    • ‘They are in a rather dingy room with a few Argos inspired design touches and in the presence of two young children.’
    • ‘It was when I first moved back to London, and I was renting a room in a flatshare in a dingy house in Putney.’
    • ‘The building he envisages for the association is a far cry from the dingy, dark hovel it occupies now.’
    • ‘It was a dingy place with a dirty floor and more dust than goods on the shelves.’
    • ‘Her attempts had led her not to a position on board a ship, but to this dirty, dingy waiting job.’
    • ‘When Kuruvila took over as headmaster, the school in the crowded George Town area was dark and dingy.’
    • ‘Dust was everywhere, the floor was dingy and the once white walls were now a drab gray.’
    • ‘A dark, dingy little shop that always smelt faintly of cigarettes and Pine-O-Clean.’
    • ‘The place is an eyesore, dingy and dark - not the sort of place that seemed safe to park.’
    • ‘Who wants to go to a dingy playing room to get crushed in silence when you can go to the pub and talk to your friends.’
    • ‘An older me should have taken a younger me aside years ago and had a stern few words in a dark corner of a dingy bar.’
    • ‘It stood at the top of Newport Street in Old Town, a dingy dark building measuring a modest eight feet square.’
    • ‘Today, through the clever use of windows and glass bricks, the warren-like structure never feels dingy.’
    • ‘I trudged through the snow and ice to the edge of town and got a room in a dingy motel next to the interstate.’
    • ‘The hour-and-a-half long film is set in the claustrophobic confines of a dingy hotel room.’
    • ‘Finding no one, she sighed and seated herself at a small table in a dingy corner of the room.’
    gloomy, drab, dark, dull, badly lit, poorly lit, dim
    dismal, sombre, grim, dreary, cheerless
    dirty, discoloured, grimy, soiled
    faded, shabby, dowdy, worn, seedy, run down, tacky
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Mid 18th century: perhaps based on Old English dynge ‘dung’.