Definition of dimetric in English:



  • (in technical drawing) denoting or incorporating a method of showing projection or perspective using a set of three geometrical axes of which two are of the same scale or dimension but the third is of another.

    • ‘In fact, the dimetric sphere is no longer represented by a circle, but is represented by an ellipse.’
    • ‘To draw the outline of an object in dimetric projection, two scales are required.’
    • ‘On his drawings you get that (with a high degree of confidence that there are no drawing errors) plus a dimetric view to aid in understanding what the part looks like.’
    • ‘The preparation of dimetric and trimetric scales are also prepared by known techniques.’
    • ‘These are axonometric drawings, commonly called ‘3D’ drawings, and they come in three types: isometric, dimetric and trimetric, which differ only in the angles used for the drawing axes.’


Mid 19th century: from di- ‘two’ + Greek metron ‘measure’ + -ic.