Definition of dimerize in English:


(British dimerise)


[no object]Chemistry
  • Combine with a similar molecule to form a dimer.

    ‘AlCl₃ molecules dimerize to form molecules of Al₂Cl₆’
    • ‘On storage, the enzyme dimerizes due to disulfide formation.’
    • ‘Most of the free probe had dimerized via disulfide bond cross-linking, yielding a spectrum with five lines and alternating linewidths.’
    • ‘Sulfonated phthalocyanines are well known to dimerize in aqueous solution.’
    • ‘It prevents the protein from dimerizing or from binding to its DNA target sites.’
    • ‘On the other hand, the viologen radical cation has a tendency to dimerize in a polar solution because of the poor hydrophilicity.’