Definition of dim-wittedly in English:



  • See dim-witted

    • ‘The figures are placed in situations that leave them at best dim-wittedly perplexed, at worst in comic-book peril - endangered by a motley collection of cooking utensils, buckets, bear traps, electric fans, chain saws, trophies, and water hoses.’
    • ‘Somewhat dim-wittedly, I agreed, completely oblivious to the fact I had just invited a solicitor into my house.’
    • ‘It took some time to sink in, and I stood dim-wittedly in the heavy rain staring at Charles whose expression grew increasingly perplexed when I didn't get in right away.’
    • ‘It's also rather dim-wittedly plotted and outlandishly self-indulgent - although neither of those flaws is significant enough to outweigh his gorgeous visual achievement.’
    • ‘But all too often it spins the very worst of that attempt, becoming not only pretentious, but dim-wittedly pretentious.’