Definition of digression in English:



  • A temporary departure from the main subject in speech or writing:

    ‘let's return to the main topic after that brief digression’
    • ‘As such, his writings express the digressions, meanderings, meditations, ruminations and speculations that characterise a singular, idiosyncratic mind at work.’
    • ‘Anyhow, digressions aside, this guy was completely incapable of performing his job with any degree of skill.’
    • ‘Except for a few meandering authorial digressions, the novel maintains a cracking pace from start to finish.’
    • ‘By way of digression and as an aside, here's a little anecdote from education.’
    • ‘Anyway, my minor digression leads me to my point.’
    deviation, detour, diversion, departure, excursus
    aside, incidental remark, footnote, parenthesis
    deviation from the subject, straying from the topic, straying from the point, going off at a tangent, getting sidetracked, losing one's thread
    divergence, straying, drifting, rambling, wandering, meandering, maundering
    obiter dictum
    apostrophe, divagation
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