Definition of dignified in English:



  • Having or showing a composed or serious manner that is worthy of respect:

    ‘she maintained a dignified silence’
    ‘a dignified old lady’
    • ‘And he was a very upright, dignified man, respected by one and all.’
    • ‘Part of the programme dealt quite nicely with the subject of transvestism, and whilst perhaps the approach was a little too sympathetic, the whole subject was treated in a dignified manner.’
    • ‘The Trust has been rightly praised for its efforts over the last year, conducting itself in a dignified manner, and its continued presence must be reassuring to fans during these troubled times.’
    • ‘A man of quiet disposition, Andy's dignified manner engendered widespread respect and regard.’
    • ‘However, I have chosen to keep a dignified silence and I will continue to do that.’
    • ‘You will be respected for your dignified demeanour.’
    • ‘The Germans, by contrast, have maintained a dignified silence.’
    • ‘Visually and musically, the film retains a dignified composure.’
    • ‘The author profiles black Hollywood with a dignified respect it deserves.’
    • ‘They've kept a dignified silence, which I'm sure is the best thing to do.’
    • ‘At this point I chose dignified silence over extended debate.’
    • ‘And yet, it is maintaining a dignified silence.’
    • ‘They have conducted a serious and dignified debate on the issues.’
    • ‘If they proceed, I urge the Australian Jewish community, and particularly The Australian Jewish News, to treat it with dignified silence.’
    • ‘The physically challenged and the aged need to be taken care of so that they can live in a dignified manner without seeking charity from others.’
    • ‘A man of an extraordinary generous nature, he reached out to many down the years and his dignified presence and manner commanded much respect and regard.’
    • ‘Each group maintained a dignified silence as the marchers passed on their pilgrimage to uphold Republican martyrology.’
    • ‘A discerning crowd that cheers the models, behaves in a dignified manner and overlooks any slight lapses in the show, encourages the models to put their best foot forward.’
    • ‘We're also told that he will make a personal appeal to Congress to handle the nomination process in a dignified manner.’
    • ‘In contrast to the dignified silence from the other side, even slyly whispered accusations are magnified to sound deafeningly crass.’
    stately, noble, courtly, majestic, kingly
    distinguished, proud, august, lofty, exalted, regal, lordly, imposing, impressive, grand
    solemn, serious, grave, formal, proper, ceremonious, decorous, reserved, composed, sedate, staid
    couth, just so, starchy
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