Definition of digital divide in English:

digital divide


  • The gulf between those who have ready access to computers and the Internet, and those who do not.

    ‘there is a ‘digital divide’ between rich and poor in terms of computer use’
    • ‘The digital divide which separates people and regions also separates organisations.’
    • ‘First, as we have discussed above, the digital divides (access, speed, literacy) might separate those with the access, the education, and the inclination to participate using the new tools from the rest of the citizens.’
    • ‘The book really fails in my mind in its treatment of what has come to be known in Internet terms as the digital divide.’
    • ‘In the foreground will be a specific focus on bridging the digital divide.’
    • ‘The trouble for those who have fallen on the wrong side of these various digital divides is that new technology is an unstoppable force.’
    • ‘It has the objective of testing both technology solutions and reference models to help bridge the knowledge and digital divides in the Namibian public school system.’
    • ‘Measurement of the digital divide began first with a study of households.’
    • ‘The digital divide exists between those in cities and those in rural areas.’
    • ‘This must surely highlight the massive digital divide that has opened up between the haves and have-nots.’
    • ‘Chicago officials see a citywide wireless network as a potential revenue source, a way to bridge the digital divide and a means of attracting tourists.’
    • ‘So while large towns and cities might expect new and exciting high speed services, the rest the country could be left behind in a new digital divide.’
    • ‘This has been intensified by the activities centered on countering what some people call the digital divide.’
    • ‘To struggle with the digital divide, we must address access, content and commerce issues.’
    • ‘For only last week the Countryside Agency warned that the lack of broadband in rural areas was creating a digital divide between town and country.’
    • ‘Yes, after all these years, the digital divide seems to be alive and well.’
    • ‘It's hoping that such widespread wireless access will help bridge the digital divide in the city and make Philly appear as a tech savvy place to tourists.’
    • ‘Recently, however, the digital divide seems to have lost much of its currency as a policy issue.’
    • ‘Without public intervention, the digital divide may aggravate.’
    • ‘It is in this context of liberal welfare stratification that we can understand the digital divide.’
    • ‘‘The real divides are not digital divides,’ she says.’