Definition of digger wasp in English:

digger wasp


  • A solitary wasp which typically excavates a burrow in sandy soil, filling it with one or more paralysed insects or spiders for its larvae to feed on.

    • ‘In this study, we investigated a solitary digger wasp, the European beewolf, Philanthus triangulum (Hymenoptera, Sphecidae), and asked whether parental behavior entails a cost to females.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the great golden digger wasp, a close relative of the cicada killer, does not have enlarged spurs and digs only with its fore-legs.’
    • ‘Rationality is not necessarily desirable in an evolutionary sense; all an organism needs is the ability to solve common problems in its environment, and as digger wasps show, it need not do this by thinking.’
    • ‘Solitary species such as cicada killers, carpenter bees, digger wasps and mud daubers use their stingers to subdue the insects and spiders upon which they prey.’
    • ‘Below my leather boots the ground is covered in an endless assortment of life: bronze pine needles, lobed oak leaves, a digger wasp.’