Definition of digestive in English:



  • 1Relating to the process of digesting food.

    ‘digestive disorders’
    • ‘Different yoga postures can help a variety of ailments, from arthritis to digestive disorders, but many people use it as a simple relaxation tool.’
    • ‘The digestive process begins in the mouth as the food is chewed and ground to reduce the size of the pieces of ingested food.’
    • ‘The basic symptoms of stress are headaches, migraine, hypertension, and digestive disorders to name a few.’
    • ‘IBS is one of the most common disorders of the digestive tract, with about a fifth of people in the UK experiencing occasional symptoms.’
    • ‘These include increased blood pressure, cancers of the mouth and upper digestive system, cirrhosis of the liver, and pancreatic and other digestive disorders.’
    • ‘The stomach produces acid to break down food during the digestive process.’
    • ‘And many digestive disorders can be treated - if caught in the early stages.’
    • ‘Now, I need to take digestive enzymes to help process my food, but I left them in Rochester.’
    • ‘Because spotted hyenas have the ability to consume large amounts of food, body mass can be influenced by the amount of food in the digestive system.’
    • ‘It massages the abdominal muscles, alleviating digestive disorders.’
    • ‘It can restore harmony to hormonal imbalances and cure breathing disorders and digestive problems.’
    • ‘To be calm and composed helps you increase the chewing time of food, which synchronizes properly with the rest of your digestive processes.’
    • ‘Eating it regularly reduces problems like stomach and digestive disorders, anaemia, respiratory infections and diabetes.’
    • ‘A potent immune-booster, it fights infections and can help with digestive disorders, urinary tract infections and PMS.’
    • ‘Drinking with food can dilute acid and digestive enzymes, causing the digestive process to stall.’
    • ‘An infusion made from the crushed foliage has cleansing and antiseptic properties and is used for soothing and healing skin wounds, and also as a remedy for certain digestive disorders.’
    • ‘This is used to break down food as part of the digestive process.’
    • ‘The tea is a stimulant for digestive disorders and is particularly beneficial in the case of seasickness.’
    • ‘Gastro-enterologists the world over attribute many of the chronic digestive disorders to the hurried swallowing of food, which may be over spiced or oily.’
    • ‘The disease is more than just a disorder of the digestive system and affects the whole body.’
    1. 1.1 (of food or medicine) aiding or promoting the process of digestion.
      ‘tubes of digestive mints’
      • ‘They're all anti-bloating medicines, antacids, digestive aids, all things to put out the fire in our stomachs from the poison we call lunch.’
      • ‘Omit it all together or try adding digestive herbs such as Chen Pi and Sha Ren.’
      • ‘Why take the less expensive, older arthritis or digestive drugs when someone else will pay for the more expensive, newer, drugs?’
      • ‘The prescription is straight forward with blood tonics, spleen and digestive herbs, Tian Ma and Qiang Huo for the hair as well as Man Jing Zi.’
      • ‘Peppermint is often gentler than other digestive herbs, such as ginger and cayenne; the aroma alone has a sedating and calming effect on many.’


  • 1A food, drink, or medicine that aids or promotes the digestion of food.

    • ‘The company is to launch a new Ayurvedic range that includes a whole range of products for treating cough and cold, memory enhancers, blood purifiers and digestives.’
    • ‘With a small mortar and pestle she mashed dried coriander seed from Timothy's garden and added it to the peaberry to soften its acidic taste and to serve as a digestive.’
    • ‘They are the ideal digestive for warming up in the frigid months of winter.’
    • ‘On May 27, the theme will be Strawberries and will include the chef's Table menu with several aperitifs, fine Bulgarian wines, digestives and coffee.’
    • ‘It is frequently used as a digestive and, when made into an infusion and cooled, as an eye-wash and a cleanser for superficial wounds.’
    • ‘The result is a vodka with silken, subtle flavors that, unlike most, can be served at room temperature rather than chilled and can be drunk as a digestive as well as in a martini or a mixer.’
    • ‘In fact, ginkgo was used by the Chinese as a digestive and kidney tonic for thousands of years before brain attributes were discovered by modern scientists.’
    • ‘After the meal came a much-appreciated dressed green salad that worked as a digestive.’
  • 2British A round semi-sweet biscuit made of wholemeal flour.

    • ‘If you eat two chocolate digestive biscuits, they cancel each other out.’
    • ‘But this, spotted today at about 3pm, really takes the digestive biscuit.’
    • ‘Well, she acknowledges, as we sit together drinking tea and nibbling chocolate digestives in the garden of their Victorian house, it is presumptuous, writing your memoirs.’
    • ‘Melt the dark chocolate, 100g of milk chocolate, the butter and syrup together and then stir in the digestives.’
    • ‘Apart from that the day was a complete non-event and as soon as I got home I crashed in front of the telly with a cup of tea and a packet of chocolate digestives.’
    • ‘Decorated digestives, vegetable people and miniature gardens were just some of the more artistic classes.’
    • ‘Anyway, your tea is very pleasant - although I do find that it makes me utterly famished; if I'm dunking I need an entire pack of digestives.’
    • ‘Pensioners can have a cup of tea and a biscuit for 5p and all the gardeners roll up to dunk their digestives in the afternoon sunshine.’
    • ‘Help yourselves to a cup of tea and a chocolate digestive, or we have weak orange squash for the very nervous amongst you.’
    • ‘Surely he could be persuaded to have a chocolate digestive.’
    • ‘Focusing on relationships, parenting, pregnancy and health, it's an online coffee morning complete with virtual chocolate digestives, milky lattes and plenty of advice.’
    • ‘But the A9 was choked with roadworks and elderly Germans in caravans, causing much crankiness and scoffing of chocolate digestives.’
    • ‘Let cool to room temperature, and serve with shortbread cookies or digestive biscuits.’
    • ‘Spent the afternoon munching digestives, which were the low fat alternative that shatter all over the desk and your lap.’
    • ‘Secondly, while the restaurant has a few guest rooms, the packet of digestives on the in-room tea tray was several months past its sell-by date.’
    • ‘Combine the digestives and butter and press into the base and a little way up the sides of a 24 cm springform pan, lightly buttered.’
    • ‘In the course of the London-Oxford journey she consumed nearly a whole packet of chocolate digestives.’
    • ‘Its not exactly digestives and a coffee by a roaring open fire but its heartwarming stuff tonight as real evidence of an ever growing and emerging hard rock scene takes root.’
    • ‘Carrie spied the two chocolate digestives I had put on her saucer.’
    • ‘I was just thinking how nice these chocolate digestives were when I read your mail asking for a fitness update.’


Late Middle English: from Old French digestif, -ive or Latin digestivus, from digest- ‘digested’, from the verb digerere (see digest).