Definition of digestif in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdiːʒɛˈstiːf//dʌɪˈdʒɛstɪf/


  • A drink, especially an alcoholic one, drunk before or after a meal in order to aid the digestion.

    • ‘Each four-course meal, with wines, digestif and coffee, costs 75 leva a person.’
    • ‘There was no time to make light of the incident over a glass of Calvados and it was to be another 40 years before he and the family were to linger over a digestif together.’
    • ‘Sherry, with a variety of styles from aperitif to digestif, deserves exploration.’
    • ‘As a result these drinks should be consumed in very small quantities, ideally as an aperitif or digestif.’
    • ‘This is followed by coffee and a digestif (liqueur).’
    • ‘‘It is a digestif that aids digestion in an after-dinner setting,’ said the executive, who declined to be named.’
    • ‘It was a bonus that our bill, when presented, was accompanied by a digestif for each at the table.’
    • ‘Over the digestifs, the president turned to him - no he hadn't, as some unkind souls suggested, mistaken him for the head waiter - and asked to speak to the chef.’
    • ‘Whether you want an apéritif, digestif or something in between, ask the bar staff for a recommendation and they will gladly suggest something appropriate.’
    • ‘People were making their way home, enjoying a digestif before bed.’
    • ‘With the prunes steeped in Armagnac, it's perfect for anyone who wants a pudding and a digestif at the same time.’
    • ‘Once, a liqueur was generally accepted to be a sweet alcoholic drink, flavoured with fruit, herbs and spices and consumed as a digestif after a meal.’
    • ‘He'd enjoy a scotch while he was waiting for his lunch, two glasses of beer with the food, and a digestif.’
    • ‘Only one booth remains filled, a party of lawyers lingering over their digestifs.’
    • ‘They are superb, and as a digestif after a meal they are without equal.’
    • ‘Even the complimentary grappa offered by the friendly host couldn't quite do its job as a digestif: we rolled out of there as helpless as babies.’
    • ‘As we relaxed with our digestifs, sinking further and further into the comfy sofas flanking the crackling warmth of the fire, I sleepily assessed the evening.’
    • ‘Long days, if you're lucky, of still warm sunshine with a nip in the evening air that makes an aromatic log fire and an after-dinner digestif most welcome.’
    • ‘Forget sundowners - go for an 8pm dinner in one of the many fine restaurants, and have a digestif at one of the two harbourside bars while you stare out into the black bay.’
    • ‘Of course, his first effort only hinted at the inspired potential of digestifs that, since they are both fermented and distilled, bridge the very different arts of winemaking and distillation.’


French, literally ‘digestive’.