Definition of digamma in English:



  • The sixth letter of the early Greek alphabet (Ϝ, ϝ), probably pronounced as ‘w’. It became obsolete before the Classical period.

    • ‘If anyone knows how to put a digamma in, let me know, and I'll fix it.’
    • ‘While this information is in good dictionaries, I have sometimes wanted a more convenient list of words used in Epic which start with the digamma.’
    • ‘They included the letters digamma and koppa, the ancestors of Roman F and Q and a modification of P written with a tail, which served as an early model for Roman R.’
    • ‘It may be noted that another sherd bearing a fragmentary inscription which includes a digamma was found among the material examined this year.’
    • ‘The letters digamma, koppa, and san are the obsolete ones.’


Late 17th century: via Latin from Greek, from di- ‘twice’ + gamma (because of the shape of the letter, resembling gamma (Γ) with an extra stroke).