Definition of dig the dirt (or dig up dirt) in English:

dig the dirt (or dig up dirt)


  • Discover and reveal damaging information about someone.

    • ‘If it were not for the Prime Minister's sanction, there would be no group to dig up dirt if it can be found; or invent it if not.’
    • ‘Others have dug up dirt on management, sometimes pointing to tax evasion or bogus financial statements.’
    • ‘He hired a private eye to dig up dirt on this mother.’
    • ‘Media outlets who want to dig up dirt in this area need to be wary that there are hordes of lawyers waiting to sue on this.’
    • ‘People are always trying to dig up dirt, but there's really nothing to hide - we have a very good, friendly relationship.’
    • ‘When it started to dig up dirt on the Liberals, it was quickly put to silence.’
    • ‘Is this the press in Whitewater mode, determined to dig up dirt about long-ago presidential business dealings?’
    • ‘‘Unless someone digs up dirt on him, it's a pretty clean confirmation,’ says one observer.’
    • ‘Well, it turns out that he's actually an FBI agent who's working on digging up dirt about me.’
    • ‘Why bother digging up dirt on anyone when someone is going to turn around and dig up darker and chunkier dirt in the next minute?’